April 14th, 2005

for the second day today

Im unable to open gmail :( Its not like its been blocked. I am able to open the sign in page, but then on, it just does not get logged in! with any mail id!
This is bugging...considering most of my communicaitions were taking place thru it. :~/
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Came across a nice article on the net. It has something to do with alteral thinking, and something to do with 'mind massages'..not in so many terms though.

go and read this: Dancing on your brain - the cha cha cha effect

Interesting. No, im not talking about the content, but the way she has written it, somehow it is inviting and nice. Kind of enjoyed reading it.

PS - Somehow the term 'massaging your brain' gives me the idea of someone literally ticling your gyrie.
PPS - Im awaiting a cup of nice coffee
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