April 18th, 2005

moi weekend

Saturday I decided, i wasnt going to go out (as usual) and do something different, like make those candles ive been waiting to.
went to the old city, took a guess that if wax will be available anywhere in Abad, tis gonna be in the Old City with crowded wholesaler shops, burquas everywhere and anything under the sun available.
So there I went. Right after office. Bought the necessary ingredients, though I couldnt catch hold of boric salt or somethign to make colourful flames.
Anyway, came home and started candle making :) Made 3 candles, something totally new. First one was an experiment to understand the wax and how well the odour mixes, so it adornes my room, the seconf\d I gifted to flatmateand third was a beauty and gifted that to VPs wife (whose house i went for unch on sunday). all of them are light freen in colour, like green marble...and th eone i gave to MB has a pillar (3 sided) and 2 roses lying at its base :) ij delighted with the creation and SashdudeSashdude is probably bored stiff with all this...
Then monday morning I gave the candle to her, which she promptly decorated in her drawing room, luckile she has a green lamp.
Lunch later lazed around and came back in evening..late.
Thus ended a weekend differently spent than the rest.
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What age would you like to be?

For some days now, I feel like being the nice ripe age of an odd 50 yr old. Or something thereabouts. Old enough to have little greying hair, few wrinkles, around my eyes and lips...yes, around 55 would be perfect!
Professionally, I hope to be pretty stabilised by then, working and in a post where I know what’s coming next in my career. Personally, life should be kind of stable...children if and when any, should be more or less comfortably old and independent.
Flexible enough to have enough fun - I know ill always manage to have fun if I have my way...the type may differ from now.
Yes, I like the age of 55.
So, what age would you like to be? Ill await the answers.
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