June 29th, 2005

Climb the Summit

Of Monastries and Nostalgia

You know what i want to do? Leave the AC office (classroom/hostel room), go out, into Qutub Institutional Area, walk down the road leading from IMI to IIFT and go to the Buddhist monastry a few turns away.
Go down to the converted basement stepped prayer room where the canteen might be, or to the first floor stepped balcony overlooking the beautiful and serene sundar vans (the protected forest), where the canteen resides in winters. and sit there and admier the trees dripping wet with raindrops, fresh and new, the birds on the bush nearby, the silence, our warmth at being with each other, our abstract conversations, debates, interspersed with laughter and silence, admiration of the place.
go there with Apu, sash, Richie, Vinky or with SB. order some Piping hot (!) coffee which they make so well, a slice of the gooeey chocolate cake (the huge sizes the offer!), a plate of noodles and of course! the delectable cheese and egg grilled sandwich.
After spending our usual 2/3 hrs up there, we would leave and come up to the steps in front of the main hall. probably even go in for a while, in fron of Buddha, and then come out and sit looking at the lawns, on the steps and talk, hae fun, and finally, when the sun starts setting, wlk back to the buzzing of the institute, just a few steps away.
NEed it be said that the monastry where i have been with each of my frnds individually and together, have spent so many hours talking, not talking. Being together...
Yes, thats what i feel like doing right now.
Go out, feel the wet air, and be back again ... back again in delhi, 2002.
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