July 27th, 2005

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needs to be broken

Till Yesterday, i.e. 26th July 2005
Mood: Happy enough
Music: Speakers Gone:(

Enough! everyone ha been quiet. Sashdude has gone off radar. well, that is his normal state. Rexzilla? et tu? u are a frequent one. whatever happened to you? me. well, I just thought ill work a little ;)
Dirx has left his insect protected house and meandered off to Mexico, and Rexjournal is, well, ... as bad as Atanarjuat.

Wat have I been upto? lots. For one, I was bugged of social interaction for a while. In fact im still not too sure whether im out of the mode yet. But, I was totally off talking, and still am.

Saw one movie, read a few books. Shopped like Ive gone crazy. Worked like I actually had regained my enthusiasm

Movie: Virudhh! No I will not do a review here.
Book: Harry Potter, and a few here n there
Shopping: there are unnecessary sales here for goodness-knows-what reason and i indulged. the fact that im accompanying M for her necessary shopping didnt help. In the end yesterday ended up buying 2 suit pieces for mom since I dint want anything myself! Sigh!! Apart from that I have bought 3 skirts, one pair of trousers, 1 shirt and 2 tops. And all I intended to buy was a pair of jeans (which I still have not purchased). Again, before this I have bought shoes, and another pair for mom....hopeless? yes.
Planning to get a laptop by weekend. on my own money. not office. office is kanjoos!

Travel! At last I will travel! Im going to blore on 13/14/15. was thinking of going home but mom said no, dont come. hence decided on blore, via bombay :) And "I am thrilled to bits" doesnt half describe it. :D

My comp has been misbehaving and IT dept gave up, they came and removed some programs which barely effected the system. Now they will format it they say! bah!
So, I have been off peripheral activities, and been twiddling my thumbs while the windows open...counting pixels and managing minor philosophical and theological interactions between phone calls to IT and seeing an excel sheet open. Thus it was that my colleagues pleaded for music in the barren office life, and I yielded my speakers albeit temporarily to one of them, sitting right & next to me. Thence they somehow moved to another colleague..and thus began my woes! (if the earlier ones weren’t enough). She insits on playing insipid, sad and depressing songs, interspersed by some good numbers, although they cannot in any way be any of the following:
(i) English
(ii) Decent Hindi numbers
and in majority of cases are pre-1990...pre-technicolor etc etc. I had to request for "happy songs" and then get treated to "soona soona" (lonely lonely) by her!
And then I was full of spirits and I sent mails to all my frnd complaining about my state!
In the evening a broken winged angel arrived in the form of an IT guy, who helped my computer stand up on its feet.
Why broken-winged? Because he is also a friend and is helping me with the laptop purchase, and had not gone too far in that department. Still, one by one i guess.
talked to the laptop guy, waiting for more responses and quotes to pour in. Am almost losing interest now, what with the amount I will be shelling out. general consensus: I am DAMN excited about the laptop.

Evening at last I go and remember to pay my reliance phone bill. Hope to get the outgoing calls activated again by evening. Bills. Bills and more bills. have to pay rent, and my other phone bill.
Did I mention here that we now have our maid cooking for us? pretty neat. she gets the veggies and cooks (we decided morning is better time than evening when our returns are not fixed) and also washes the dishes. She is now more of a person of our house than us ;)
A meeting scheduled for tomorrow get cancelled thanks to the rains in Bombay :) Imp happy It was a useless meeting as far as I was concerned ;)

Overall: a decent day

Today, aka 27th July 2005.
Mood: Jubilant
Music: Dus Bahane

Morning I come and announce computer is fully functional and as good as new. Speakers dont come back to me. Decide to let her keep them (and have her last bit of fun) till afternoon.
Manage to at last remember to get my income tax details so I can file the returns...and in afternoon went there with M and 2 more colleagues. I expected some problem in the form I had filled (apparently we had to get another proof, which I had not brought) and finally I was through without any problems whereas M, and another colleague have to go again tomorrow with a proof they dint have :)

Finally after returning I brought back the speakers to my table, and my comp. I am feeling a little more in control, and it shows - with me blogging!

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Am going to another bloke to check out the laptop :)

Am getting closer to the goal....

Need a:
1. Laptop
2. New phone
3. Car
4. New watch (I can get mine replaced at another Swatch showroom...waiting for the new collection)
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