July 28th, 2005

The world and I

Its Raining

Its Raining, Its Raining! Dekho barish ho rahi hai.....

It started last night. Seems the showers are moving North, and have reached Gujarat, Ahmedabad being there on the map...and lets sit and see whether they wreak havoc this time round too.
All that I care about is that it should not rain on12th night, and 16th night :) thats when Ill be going and coming from Bombay...

Awesome weather here though, my Relianace is activated :) and ... im thinking of postponing the laptop purchase.
Bad news for the day: Winamp is not working for some @#$damned reason. Hence I use Win Media PLayer. Loading all my songs on it a PIA. I shifted the location of my songs on the h/d. So, all the songs in the library had to be deleted. Now i cant sit and load them again! Damn! I can t load folders here for God's sake! So limited songs on the playlist for now.

Thats it for now.