August 8th, 2005

Planting Trees

planting trees
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CSR, remember? Heres one of the snaps, where all the women were made to go to a certain designated plot of land, and asked to start planting the saplings, together. This plot would be nice n pretty once all saplings become trees, and also provides a perfect opportunity for the photographers to finish a few reels/ fill up a memory card!

Wheres me? The one on the top right corner in a blue t-shirt. The girl in red is have the free Mazaa (of all things!) we were provided!

Note the men, helplessly trying to egg us on ;) unable to be a part of the 'planters' because of the photo shoot and it being a 'womens initiative' and stuff!
I refuse to post the snaps with clearer view of ppl!
PS - wish though, that I could show u the poster that was/ is brandished all over the company....
The world and I


Was a busy day. Yes, the second sunday in a row which was busy, AND the ones which had no holiday on the saturday before it.
This was a nice busy though. (last time i was planting trees)
Woke up at 11, and then was inundated by sms beeps...only to realise it was FRNDSHIP day! Got a few calls (including family) and dutifully answered all.
An army frnd was sposed to drop in, so managed to hurry off to a bath by noon (ya ya...), and be ready before he reached...with room in some order! And come he the floor below mine! Apparently he rang the bell there, only to be (thankfully) not answered. Why the excessive eagerness for him not to meet my neighbour on the floor below? well, because he was carrying a BIG bag with the following in a 'dry' state:
1. 1 Whiskey bottle, full
2. 1 Wine Bottle, unopened (white, imported wine)
3. 3 Beer bottles, big ones
4. 2 empty Old Monk rum bottles (for the sake of my (hopfully) money plants)

So he came and unlloaded his stuff. and soon we were off to lunch...Delicious Kaleji (again! same place as the one i posted about some days ago. See: 'Culinary delights'), and chicken adraki.
Following which we went and met another army chap. nice fella, from Mallu-land (read Kerala). See...this frnd of mine who helped me set up the mini bar in my house in the dry state is leaving town. He is getting transferred. Hence his eagerness to assure me of a secondary supply, who is reliable. (hahahahaha - I should leave Gujarat!)
Poor fella also got me awesome jutis from Patiala. Red leather covered with matt gold embroidery...for my bday. Lovely.
(Did I mention here that my bday was on 3rd? Im 24 now)
Then off I was to the painting exhibition of the daughter of a VP...and then to an ice cream parlor, from where I made my way to the railway statino to *sigh* say gbye to another frnd...who left town by the Bombay, permanently (for the moment).

Came back at 9pm, and got ready to go to the disk on the outskirts of the city...expected to go by bikes, only to find a nice car. Danced ALOT, though music was poor, and the Dj came to fear me a lil i guess...I kept going upto him and asking for better music. I was 'Bollywood night"!!...their friendship day special!! Well, beggars cant be choosers! (and i didnt know it was b'wood night before i spoke to the dj...he kept apologising profusely "Sorry, I cant do much about the music!sorry!")
Anyway, the Dj had pity on me (and the gang) i guess and after the official night ended, and we (for some reason) still hung around, he played a few GOOD trance-type numbers.
Met the brother of my frnd, and let me tell you. this family is jive crazy! If they are allowed, they will jive to ANYTHING. and i mean anything! i had to beg to be let go of, so i could dance something other than jive at times! but...all were good dancers :) (pls note Sashdude!)

The brother (Francis) was 30, married to a woman of 19 (Saumya)! Love marriage. How the Hell did they meet?!! (coz they sure havent got anything comon in history/frndslist! Shes oriya, ahbad born, hes a south Indian christian) that apparently is a story ill hear later.

Finally left at 315 am, and the tyre of the car got punctured!on the highway. took out the spare tyre. But apparently they had used the spare already that very morning for a puncture! talk about bad luck!
However, the reason we had gone to the place was because we knew the owner, who happened to have left a little after us. So, we stopped him, and took his spare...and in the process got invited to the next gig on 21st of Bandish Projekt (Teehee...i wrote 'gig' there for a reason) yes M, yes Sash...Bandish projeckt.
Then we made our way to an open eatery (veg of course!). i wasnt hungry but had some amazing tea, while the rest had dal-bati, and another guy had sev-tamatar, specially made in a dhaba where nothing else was available.

sudden realisation of the time struck when someone looked at the watch and Saumya remembered Francis has a train to catch to go to a neighbouring city for work on monday, ie. 4.45am, monday. Rushed home, reached at 4, and was asleep by 4.15.

Monday Morning
Woken up by a phone call at 6.55am. Who....what....? "Miss D? I hope I am not waking u up too early?" (yeah...7am not too early, yeah...and Who was this?) "Oh! no, not at all Mr. P, youre in Abad?" "Yes, before going to Nigeria, I had some meetings here! How are you placed this morning? Can we meet?"
well..finally, we decided to meet at 830am, over breakfast.
Could barely sleep after that call...went had bfast (they didnt even have fresh orange juice. only pineapple jiuce..ugh), and made it to office, surprisingly full of energy, and not so sleepy as I expected, and neither is there much bodyache.

Yep, event'full' Sunday. and work today has not been bad either!

Waiting for 8pm, when I go to the army mess....and tomorrow use up the fresh daru supply, and day after have that belated party with Aj, and on Thursday have to take a frnd out for my bday treat, and on friday i leave for bombay, and on saturday for Bangalore...
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