August 23rd, 2005

Climb the Summit

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waking up in the morning at 6 am i such a ...bore...!! two pigeons trying hard to get in all morning, and me too sleepy to get up and shoo th em away....
finally when i did get up, found two more in the kitchen. I agree Dirx that pigeons are better than ur creepy crawlies, but hey! give me a break u red eyed feathered freaks!
yawn! sleepy now, better begin work :(
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Join the Masses

Economy of words.

Something i find lacking here.
Sentences that we finished in monosyllables in the HO, are here, in most cases explained with full history, geography, prophesy, etc.

At least in my case, it can cause me to lose patience...and concentration on whats happening.
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    I wish!

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3 more days to go...sigh. (before weekend, if u must know)
boring here
no music, no intertalk ... decently intelligent ppl have big egos, other ppl ...well u cant talk long to them
only tech talk.
silence everywhere.
better off drinking tea/coffee and eating! no wonder they do it so often.
talk mostly either buttering type/ technical/ sad boasting kinds
already given up talking in coffee/lunch forums...only a few comments.
and then the repetitions! "ya, i remember that!" is not enough long a sentence. it has to be "ya! it was that thing...............(5mins more) .... right? ya ya, i remmeber"...and the whole episode was just stated by someone!

bored to tears...literally.
hungry, can sleep anymoment for lack of food
no music.
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