September 3rd, 2005


Tennis just might be one of the few games where the Womens tournaments are followed with more interest than the Mens tournaments.
Climb the Summit

Ode to 'Dippyblogs'

Some days ago, when I had not posted anything for a long time, I had thought of a great many things to write about.
I had thought I will write how it was in TRC, what I am doing, what I plan to do... and howit will help me.
I had thought I will write about how bleak working here was without music, and how I felt better the day I got my headphones.
I had thought of writing about some small incidents, joyful or thoughtful.
But these I had thought.

When it came to writing, I didnt write about any of the above. I wrote about an apple.

Last night I thought about writing of something...and I do not remember what.

All that I know is, I write here, and it is nice. The reason it is nice is because this is the place where I am documenting what my life is like. A time capsule. I can go back to these pages and read about myself few years from now. I will know what I wrote about, why I took certain decisions, why I did what I do, and why I will be what I will be.

This site will be a reservoir of memories, a place where I will come back and visit what I am - my life, with its revelries, my life with its petty sorrows and joys. What moves me, and what leaves me unaffected.

Years from now when my lifestyle will be different from what I am now. When I may no longer be single, or sharing an apartment with another single woman, when I will no longer be 24, or working in Ahmedabad, when I will no longer life a bohemian life. That is when I know I will think about and remember this life. That is when I will treasure these posts the most.

I know...because my written diaries are not enough about my school, college and post grad lives. Memories modify, and are patchy.
This, will be a document...a snapshot.