September 22nd, 2005

Suddenly Something

Im listening to wierd songs. no. to different songs.
Michael Jackson, Hindi crude numbers like 'nashe nashe mein yaar' etc. Started the day with Chapgne Supernova though.
Looking forward to tomorrow, and not only because it is a weekend, or because it hopefully will be a day with lesser work (if I finish off today).
Thats it for now, dont rememeber what I meant to write (is this a general malaise effecting bloggers i know of late?)
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    02 Nashe Nashe Mein Yaar - Adnan & Sunidhi
The world and I

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uve got to see this site
has lyrics to almost all ghazals wother listening to :) and some more!
My one-stop shop. I delighted and excited. Its very difficult to get to ghazal lyrics. Best - it has the COMPLETE lyrics of CHupe Chupke ... the special stage version G Ali sang :)
Ok heres the URl:

Found another site which had an interesting story. Heres the story
Pakistani Site it seems.

Pakistani stuff is good. Music is amazing. They understand Rock. And awesome baritones...well exercised. And words to boot. Their art is good, and no Indian can forget Pakistani plays of the 80s, and the ghazal singers and actors from across the border.
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