October 21st, 2005

The world and I


I am pissed, I am very pissed.
It all started off innocuously enough. A call from reliance (whats new) saying I have to pay since my credit limit has at the moment not been increased. So thats fine by me. I have a bill, and Ill pay it. No probs. Thanks for info. Then I ask, when is my credit limit going to be increased. 'no mam, since your usage is high, you have a bill. you have to pay the money to continue uninterrupted services.' OK. so I 'WILL DO THAT" when are you going to increase my limit? Its been 3 months now, and its due to increase! nO mam, u HAVE to pay.
OK Mr. Himanshu, i WILL pay. now tell me.
No Mam...you have to pay, even your last amount was not paid..
now im angry
Just a moment my last amount was not paid? How? when?
no mam, your cheque must have bounced.
Excuse me! I paid by credit card, on the net!
Sorry mam, you hav to pay the present amount, to continue uninterrupted usage of our services.
Why thank you for the info. now hear me out.
1. I will pay.
mam when will you pay.
Why should I tell you?
Mam you have to tell me, there is a system.
Ok. so I will pay next week (and now im cordial), say by 26th. That fine?
Ok mam, so where will you pay?
Ya mam, which location will you make the payment in?
How does that make a difference?!!
no mam, we have to put it in the system.
I dont know, i have not decided!
mam how will you pay - cach, cheque, credit?
Himanshu bhai! I will pay, you stop worrying me on these. maybe ill pay over net. now i had some questions.
SO mam will you pay be credit or debit.
**Icy** i dont decide such things. I will see where i have the money, and pay accordingly.
Ok Mam, thank you. (he didnt get the sarcams! buddy is not even shocked to know that i can possibly not have moeny to pay!)
so as i was saying...2. when will me limit be increased?
mam i dont know
what do u mean u dont know?!
mam it will be done automatically be the system, since you have defaulted your limit has been decreased.
Hello?! defulted? when?
Mam your cheque bounced!
well. i shouted. learnt that i will be told in a few days, and I had never defauilted, and will get an sms telling me that my credit limit on the phone has increased!!!

I have put up the phone for selling!

Then back to me seat. Secretary: you were absent anytime? I dont remember you being absent!
me: absent?! (shocked)
him: ya...the past month attendance sheet shows you absent on 3 days. perhaps u were out on meeting/forgot to punch in, went to other location...?
me: ...well, ill skip this!
basically found out that since i did not punch out,  they marked me absent, and if i do not give them a certain form stating i forgot to punch out by today afternoon, my salary will be cut!
well, i give up. this is stupidity. this bloody place is 30KM from civilisation. If I have come into office, then I have to leave! If i have to leave, I can do so only using the company bus, or the car of a colleague...which means it must be official/ serious, but basically that I worked!
Then there is this form I have to fill up because I want my computer formatted/ replaced...and the form has innumerable useless boxes, but not the one I need!
THis is so stupid! THese are basic things that the other person does not need much time to find out.
If I am supposed to give them all information, what are they paid for? To switch on the computer so it can do the rest of the work?!
Why are there human beings in these departments if the computer and the end user is gong to give and proces the data? Ill be happier knowing there is no one in HR in charge of the attendance, that it is my responsibility, and that I should amke sure the computer marks me present/absent in t he database. THan knowing there is someone who will be taking care of t his, and then do it myself.
I will be happier to format my own comp than get a form filled giving all details including type of comp, IP address, what kind of internet services I have been allowed, when all this information is already available to them, and they willl eitherway accss it before sending someone to work on my comp. and that what Im doing is duplicate work.
What business is it if theirs to know why i need to get my comp formatted if my HoD knows why, and has the reasons signed?! It is not going to change their instruction, and they wil have the necessary paperwork if the HoD signs the requirement!

What sort of a zombie will want inane details from a customer and fail to understand a simple basic question in 10 mins, stated in 3 languages?!

What is India becoming? A sad land of zombies t\so bogged down by rules that they fail to think?
If given a choice between unregulated, free industry, left to operate on own onus and brains of the workers, and one where everythign is regularised and in a certain format, ill choose the former.
If I am a thinking, reasoning animal, please make use of these attributes of mine. I am perfectly responsible for my actions, and allow me to be. Acknowledge my responsibility. Dont reduce me to the status of an idiot, or a robot....and dont act like one.
I hate following-up with ppl because of the same reason (God! I hate that term!). If you are responsible to give me some information, you are responsible for ti. why should I remind you about it? If you dont give it, that means youa re unfit to hold that responsiblity, in which case I should not be getting it fro you in the first place!

All I wish is people acted with a little thought...just used all that 1400gm of ur body wt to some use! We dont want to go backwards in evolution, do we?! Dont make us fill unecceary forms to impede our work so we can cover the ass of some non-existent person somewhere!

The world and I

addition to previous

I forgot to mention the supply chain company, known for its worldwise standards which we are using to ship some products to Japan, who verifies everything 3 times, gets me to do all the useless work, and then gets money limit authorisations, and then even asks if it is fine that the carrier they will be using will actually be US$280 cheaper!!!??! WTF! I would rather send it myself and track the whole shipment!
Join the Masses

Chicken, Road, Grandfather,Outsourcing

I was reading the famous (and oft repeated) "fwd: Why did the Chicken cross the Road"[Collapse )], and observing how cliched ppl tend to become. The way of thinking of a one man is unique, until he becomes repetitive unto himslef. Thus you will need a few men and their thoughts to have a completely new view point.
Then there was the following line:
"Grandpa: In my day, we didn't ask why the chicken crossed the road. Someone told us that the chicken had crossed the road, and that was good enough for us."
Funny, but I never heard any of my grandpas say that. If anything, they both said, and say the reverse. I remember how my paternal grandpa would tell me how they questioned tha basis of anyhting and everythign, including Algebra. Perhaps it came from being born and brought up in times of unrest and rebellion. Perhaps it makes a difference when you are the original inhabitant yet the one considered lower in ranks...for he had lived in the times when India was still the land of England. My other grandfather again still has me gaping when he asks some very fundamental questions about things, their origins and reasons, which I did not wonder about. I cannot say that it comes from experience, for if anything the same spirit is reducsing in me as days go by and I become what is called, in a way "jaded".
Well...perhaps it is because of the 'information overload' of sorts nowadays, where there is abrely time to get into the depth of everything, and the reassurance that if I dont know it, the knowledge can be outsourced. If not me, then my frnd/colleague/relative!
That certainly is the 'Heights of Outsourcing'!
So much for the buzzwords of the day.
The world and I

Night and Day

Then the other day the topic of sleep cropped in into conversations. As usual i guess.
Now for some statements...call them facts if you will
1. Sleep is necessary
2. It is preferable to sleep at night
3. Waking up early is generally considered good.
Now i have been an owl for quite a logntime. Infact, as long as I can remember, and evn before it (evidence can be provided in the form of MOM), I am basically a keep-awake-at-night person. Suddenly with new work environment and Tai Chi, I have begun waking at 6am (Shriek!! In Ahmedabad!!!??)
Result being, the freinds whom I have carefully culticvated over time, who share interests of mine, especially that of being awake almost all the hours I am, if not more, are now...well, confronted with Dips The Zombie!
And, I am miserably short of people to talk to in the morning, especially when I reach the bus stop from Tai Chi.
So, yesterday when I reached tai chi a good 15 mins early, sans book, I decided to make use of my phone (as usual).
Now, I had spoken to Mom only last night [Mom seems to be suddenly featuring in my blog! this is the Third mention now. Mommyy!!!] so i dared not call her. She would view (or hear) i suspiciion. Fearing a) somethign had gone wrong, b) Im trying to get somethign out of her. So I thought of all the ppl I could possibly talk to whom I havent spoken in a while, but then came the clincher...these ppl had to be <i>awake </i>!
So I thought hmm...who will be awake at 7am? A? P? who? who? D? nah...in the end, called Rexzilla...the only person who will be awake I thought. But then I had to go off for Tai chi. Then at 8am, I was faced with the same quandry. This time I did call rexzilla, for my other frnds are either (I presume) rushing around house to make it to work on time or in a Bombay Local, making it to office, or sleeping, else coochicooing with their wives. Poor RexZilla. He was driving, but i did not spare him.
Which made me remember this one frnd of mine...another Rex...Rexjournal, who would have been awake. But he is too far away, and I dont have ISD. On the other hand, RJ, is in an equal dilemna, but at the other end of the spectrum. He finds it difficult to find frnds awake at owlish hours, barring me and another frnd or two (or so he says).

So finaly. Where do I place myself? Delicately balanced at the cusp of transition between being an inherent night person to a cultivating morning person, I cannot sleep til late at night, and then wake up groggily enough in the morning. however, winters are coming, and I dont think Ill stand upto 6m wakings. It is tough enough now. I am actually seeign DAWN every day!! Sun rises after me, and it is dark when I get up. Sheesh! WHy am I puttign myself through this? Maybe because I have mastered almost 70% of basic TC? Let me see how long I manage this.

And let me see where I end up...Morning or Night?!

PS- I have this sneaky suspicion...Ill never be able to resist night.