November 12th, 2005

The world and I

Not Funny

Kinda feeling morose. The weather is nice. Infact, it reminds me somehow of Presi, of classes in winter, in the alst year...of the tims I sat for CaT, and knew it was technically the end of my studies of Botany.
It is also the day that one of my colleagues leaves the company, and moves on to so-called 'greener pastures'. Once again a showcase of how any feeling is so personal. He is feeling nostalgic, sad, and eevn though everyone here feels the same, it is not to the same extent, what with all of us being left behind. For him it is something new.
Then there is another higher up person who is leaving the organization today...and I come to know of 3 other ppl leaving.
With this headcount, not to mention the large numbers that left some crucial positions last month...and the mobilisation of a certain complete department...well, ...
Then there are these 3 ppl who are leaving for their convo (which I still regret not being able to attend), and one of them for his engagement.

It has basically put me in a wierd mood, to be as precise as I can be.

But then my cousin is getting married end of this month, and my brothers are passing out end of this month, and Ill be going home for 10 days!
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