December 14th, 2005

early morning

Feeling rotten. Got a headache, and bodyache.
Enter office, woman beside me - Whats ur height?
me - 'x'ft :)
she - :) i just asked. you see i like nice heighted ppl!
*embarassed smile* from me and another woman in vicinity.

BTW - whats nice heighted heehee! would have responded were it not for my headache.
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yesterday night - went home and read Alexander - Sands of Ammon. Finished part II. Now to begin with part III - Ends of the Earth. Awesome book.
Acc to Mom part II has the maximum wars. Towards the end of the book it is so fast paced, s many wars, so much action...the development of Alexander the Legend from Alexander the Conqueror. So much effort to conquer that small strip of land - persia. The rest of his expansion is much greater (geographically), but it is in this region that he spent most energy and time...and effort.