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After trying very hasrd to make the coffee providers in my office to understand that i like coffee to be strong, dark and very low sugar, I failed. What with a new server every few days, I was tired of explaining what I wanted. and the fact that 'strong' here means the coffee milk-water mixture should resemble the colour of white sand, did not really help. I had to go like - 'bhaia, bahut strong coffee laiye, aur saath mein extra coffee'. and 'strong coffee means equivalent or higher amount of sugar in it. So...
finally what is the status? I have given strict instructions to provide me with no sugar coffee. Thus, even if there is v little of the actual substance in the liquid, at least im not treated to sweet milk syrup!
A hot, tasteless water concoction the colour of white sand is better ..and it may also help me give up caffiene! (judging by the quantity of coffee put in it)

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