January 6th, 2006

New Year Resolution?

New yr resolution for our IT deptt.
1. Block as many sites as possible
2. Block all thse sites not possible
3. Block PCs so no one can actually access any sites
4. Block rights to modify anything on PC
5. Try hard to just block the whole G#$D@$&^$d PC!
The world and I

Canon in D Major

I like this, sashdude  likes it even more.
I tried looking it up on the net...more about Johann Pachelbell if you will. And I chanced upon this website, and these (almost) innumerable versions of the same basic tune. Some of them are really well done. I liked the one he has mentioned as good, and also the one called 'canon dance' when u dload it...an mp3. Most are midi files, but interesting.

Reminds me somewhat of the kind of interest we in IMI used to have about stuff..what with time and resources on our hand, it was no wonder that we went so detailed about so many things. And naturally when this Ray Hutchings guy liked this tune, he went all the way and uploaded all of them on his site. Darned good of him i say!

I like the way u can sit on one site and hear all the possible (almost) versions of the same lilting, soothing yet energetic tune. and also the interest and patience of this guy to find out all, and actuallu list them on this site...as much for his own good as ours i say!

I just had to list it. Sash, the version we have is probably named 'Pachelbel - Canon in D' in this list

Happy Listening!
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