January 30th, 2006


Why do we dream? How do we remember what we dream? SOme say we remember only bad dreams, that we always have good dreams.
In India, they say early mornig dreams often come true. If you remember them...
Deja-vus are something I am quite ...well...familiar with now. Still end up feeling just as eerie and helpless, but well, something Im more used to by know.

Interpretation of dreams. Freud or not, this has always been something of interest. Freud merely helped in quantifying this hitherto unresearched field in western science. Saying dreams are manifestations of past experiences put together, to identify some internal 'need'.

But whats interesting is the itnerpretation offered by most ppl nowadays, where dreams 'foretell' the coming circumstances. How our unconcious taps into our mind, and tries to make us aware of changes our concious mind just cannot grasp. Of how the unconcious mind tells us of the future.

Which brings me to...future telling with dreams. Is it really reliabel? but then how many tools are reliabe? In which case what is this whole funda of future telling eitherway? And dreams telling you stuff about yourself?

I mean cant a person have some respite even in sleep? without some analysis/ thinking/ deeper meaning cropping up!
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Yesterday and Veronika

For some unkown unfathomable reason...or maybe not so unknown of unfathomable, for afterall nothing is unkown AND unfathomable or is it? Well, never mind. What I meant to say was, for reasons best not mentioned here perhaps, i woke up by 9 on a Sunday morning. okay...so it was 9.30. am. Fine? No. Not fine. It was a Sunday. and I usually cant wake up that early on a sunday. For once I didnt have pending things to do...and well, having a full day ahead with not much on a to-do list can be a little ... er... confusing?
Anyway, after reading the paper and drinking coffee for more than an hour, I finally tired of home, and a rumbling stomach. Finally deciding upon a heavy brunch, went to this place which serves 'Sunday Brunch'. Usually nice, and heavy. My bad luck. This particular sunday they were busy with some catering order, so were serving only the regular menu items. Anyway...had a HUGE triple layer chicken, cheese and colesaw, and,...
anyway, finished up with a refreshing cup of piping hot coffee and decided to spend the rest of the day at the book store. Picked up a few books but finally, my attention was caught by a Coelho. Now, i should mention that i have read 2 pauolo's...Alchemist, and another which Im happier forgetting. Dont know thought why I picked this up. Something about the title interested me. Then I read chapter one. This was not the usual giving gyan jingbang. This looked like the author really didnt know what he wanted to say...almost. For Veronika of Slovenia, decides to die, and does so sytematically within the first few pages of the book.
So I settled into te book...about Veronika, and the story of her death. Like any book which mirrors what the author thinks it was a tad strechy at times, but interesting. The end could have been a million things, but as real stories go (and it apparently is based on one), I cant complain if its true.
A good book, of a different flavor than the usual Paulo Coelho's and I return him to authors with scope...rather than those who stick to one topic and one type...monotony in differeny flavors, which I can accuse Richard BAch of (not that the two compare). But, now I will think twice before saying ...u read one Coelho, u read em all.
however, like 'We the ppl' of Ayn Rand, this book had a touch of his own life in it and maybe that is why it was different. And so maybe, Coelho is just as repetitive, but basically, this was one out-of-the-route for him. whatever it is, it has to be another book before i judge him :)
Thus Spake Dippy (now that didnt sound quite as grand as Zarathustra, but Ill have to make do for now!)

Well, after being the typical book reader I am, finishing the book in the store (wghere I as it is spend too much money buying books...Books should be free you know. The authors should automatically be sent some money for writing, but basically, books in this world should be free.) i went home, to hear my Mom talk about the awesome Book Fair in CAlcutta.
Sigh! How I love the book fair of Calcutta!
Anyway, saw Narnia in the night. The Adventures of Narnia....the lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (or something like that). Good enough. Not spectacular or amazing, but good enough. Wish Id read the book. Saw it in the bookstore. But it was too thick for an afternoon. Will read it someday. SOoner i think.

SO that was that. Quite a lazy, relaxing sunday. Making me wakign up early again toady. GEe! Now im scared! I got the wake-up-early disease :) Or is summers advancing?