February 6th, 2006

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Different Indian Gaane (Thoda hatke?)

When I had heard the song for the first time, I was enthralled. Played it in office till colleagues plaeded me not to. They of course liked another song from the same movie - Veer Zaara. The one I liked - aaya tere dar par deewana. I dont know, I have since childhood enjoyed Qawallis a lot. Perhaps the sine beats, the fast jingly beats, coupled with supreme classical singing caught my fancy...whatever it was, I still find it really hard not to enjoy (with glee) a pure (or even almost pure) Quawalli. It is usually love on first hearing. Not the mangled so-called ones which you hear in Hindi movies most often, but real gems. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Hussain Brothers (beautiful effortless soft yet strong voices), and would love to hear some more.
The subtleties...the quickening of pace towards the end, the erratic yet distinct whirring of the typical Quwalli instrument, the subtle similarities and differences to a typical Hindustani Classical song, the chorus singing, and the life in it.

Another class of music I enjoy is Sufi. Not heard too many, but I always have liked them. I remember visiting Muinuddin Chishti as a kid, some 10 odd yrs old, and there were Sufis there, singing in their hoarse voices, yet so musical. I still like Sufi music. And the new variants which come under 'Fusion' class are also entrancing.

Ghazals. I grew up on a certain cassette of Pankaj Udhas. I always found his voice 'smiling'...wierd, but listening to him gives the impression to me that he is smiling while singing, no matter how sad the song. Thats almost the only interest in his songs. Jagjit Singh ... hmm I like his songs in small dozes, once in a while. But Ghulam Ali, Farida Khannum, sure do make me listen. Again the classical touch I guess!

So much for some of the Indian Music i enjoy. LIke I always maintain, I unconsciously find myself enjoying music with passion in it. And as i finish this post, I see all the above mentioned are passionate to say the least. Simple, vocals based, usually sung withe love for the song itself, of not the idea.

Everyone should listen to Aaj Jane ki Zid na karo (Farida Khanuum), Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi (Farida Khanuum version), CHupke Chupke Raat Din (Ghulam Ali), Hungama hain jkyon barpa (Ghulam Ali), Noor-un-ala, aaya tere dar par, Yeh Ishq ishq hai, Duma dum mast kalandar, Nusrats originals of Mera piya ghar aya, and so on...
I guess these are also songs where the beauty of the verse also plays a role...the words themselves increase th eimportance of the way the verse is sung, it is actually complete music, where all entities are entwined.
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The world and I


Till I left home, did not realise the sore throat I had. GOt a dry cough which is very bugging. I opened my mouth to speak to the auto guy, only to realise no sound came through!
YEsterday was relaxing...Nice.
This week seems to be busy...socially also. And, (I really dont want to repeat myself, but *sigh*) another of my frnds got engaged. He joined with me and other MTs here, and over the weekend had gon to meet relatives in nearby city Surat. Where he met an eligible young girl with the intent of possible marriage, things clicked and Voila! He is engaged! So this week should be an engagement party. Marriage will be later in the year.

Chances of going to frnds wedding in Chennai seem to be getting remoter and remoter :( Boss definitely coming :( Got the tickets... Dunno whether will manage the engagement also. Bah! Why does everything happen together? Thi time I was actually looking forward to meeting the boss (Wish it was the Springsteen variety)

This week colleague going off for his wedding for a month, even as another copes with the just-married after shocks, and another prepares for one in a few months.

So much for weddings!

Well, at least this is a 5 day week :) and Sash coming at the end of it!

Rexzilla...its been ages since I heard from you, Why dont you drop in once?

Hope to meet a frnd this week who has some of my CDs. How can someone forget to return CDs? Even after repeat reminders?! Well, nevermind!