February 9th, 2006

The world and I

Colour Me Spring

Thodisi dhuul meri dharti ki mere watan ki
Thodisi Khushbuu baurai se mast pavan ki
Thodisi dhondhane waali dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhak-dhak saansein
Jin mein ho junoon junoon voh boonde laal lahuu ki
Yeh sab tuu mila mila le phir rang tuu khila khila le - 2
Aur mohe tuu rang de basanti yaara!

Putting it very loosely, without the passion of what the Punj-Hindi can convey
A little soil from the land, my land, my country - the love of motherland
Some of the odours wafting through my land, the wild wind - the wind of change
The fiery breath and untamed wild beating of the heart - of youth, anger
Add a little passion, in forms of bright red drops of blood - sacrifice, war
Stir them all together, they make a Heady hue
Now Colour me that colour, my frnd, Colour me that colour - of Independance, love, passion
The colour of Spring (multicoloured)! The colour of Rebellion (red)! The colour of Change! The colour of New Things - of a free India (Yellow/Orange)
Steep me into the colours of Patriotism, for India!

Captures the sentiment of the moment in the movie, and an awesome song standing alone too. Daler Mehendi has done a good job. :) and so has Prasoon Joshi.
Conveys passion, for the country, beauty of India, the exultancy of knowing the that you are doing something for your country...
I think its the best song of the OST. And a good song on India after long.

dring ring ling ling ding ding ling ling!
Climb the Summit

Summers are a-comin'

The unmistakable typical smell of unfinished cement exterior coated by films of dust, in scorching afternoon sun. No wind, standing in the shade, the sun is out of sight, yet makes you squint your eyes. A thin layer of sweat coats your palms and feet if you stay long enough. Yes, it is the advent of summers. Not yet hot enough for it to be bad standing in the open, yet hot enough. Dry dust in the air and around you.
Summers are coming.
But even more, it is THAT season. The season dreaded and looked forward to since childhood. The time when evenings become suddenly cold, and pleasant. when the wind picks up and evenings become longer, while still retaining that charm of winters. Clear skies, intercepted by puffs of travelling white clouds.
Yes, this is the weather and the time of the year when as a child I would yearn to play, longer and longer, outside, postponing the moment when I would have to sit in front of the table and prepare for the examination the next day.
The afternoon is the unmistakable time when the double edged sword would have its effect.
The time in the day when the exam would be over, providing relief, the few times I would be home in the afternoon, and also the time when I would think and talk about the exam just given - good or bad, right answers and wrong.
The time for change. The time to get the old class and studies over with, and look forward to the unknown. To the summer holidays, and a new class, new syllabus, new teachers.

written yesterday on notepad for some reason