February 14th, 2006


Ok, i just wanted to write, nothing to write about per se.
Well, today morning, had an elongated sms chat with M before leaving, while she was in bus...resulting in me hurrying thru the getting-ready ritual in morning, which eitherway is pretty time-crunched. Anyway, inspired by M to put in a lil effort for a feel good factor.
anyway, managed it to the bus stop, sans hair clip. so open hair today...and its got comments!
in the bus stop, there was this street dog which ambled upto me, and just kept looking...in that typically doggie manner. Then it lifted a paw, for me to shake. There is a dog trainer who comes there sometimes, but it was rpetty surprising. After two or three attempts by it, i finally scratched its head, and tickled its throat. it was so happy :) gave another shake, and left. The others at the bus stop said - the dog wanted to say a Happy V day to you. Kinda surprising and fun. DOgs in Abad are usually not nice. Main reason being, they are not treated well at all. Most street dogs have a broken paw or soemthing...and they turn vicious at night. Ive never seen dogs treated so bad in any other city, and ive been in quite a few.
Anyway, now in office, got LOADs of work like yesterday, but dont wanna do.
SO thats the status today.

PS - the best was this comment by a colleague. Ill call him P. The fellow cant associate me with pink etc. The other day when i brought a mobile carrier in white and pink crochet, he was like "This is too girly for u, it looks wierd, get rid of it" every time he saw me with it. Today, he is like "you are looking girly today. whats wrong? your wearing pink" "P, this is not pink, its purple" "never mind, its too girly for u. what did u do! ur loking wierd" :) haha...funny. the best part is, he gets so stunned, he keeps repeating it everytime he sees me!
Wierd, I was wearing pink yesterday, and no comments from him - i guess he means nononsense dressing.

PPS - this is kinda unusual a post from me!
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