March 13th, 2006

Join the Masses


It has been a long long time since i wrote. the reason being i was busy. busy is actually not the right word to use here. more like i have not been on my seat.
my US boss was here, and so was the colleague from Japan, not to forget my Indian boss. So there i would be leaving home in the mornin and gettign home at night after a day full of meetings, alternating between japan and us strategies, with my comp being out of reach, and my data source my paltry brain. it was tiring. then i did the wise thing of not resting on sunday.

Last sunday
Actually, Sunday was kinda fun. went towel shopping. I never thought ill take so long to buy a TOWEL! it took more than an hour as all the types and designs were weighed and the discounts were considered.
thereafter was rsh time to make it to this cuisine invite. the new 5star in town wants to launch a new menu, and me and 2 frnds were invited to taste it, and i ended up there only to find that were were the only 3, and we had to pose with the food (just when we were about to put it into our mouth) for abad edition of india today or something like that. lets see whether our faces turn up at all in it! IF it does, Ill inform here.
was a late evenin with lots of superficial chatter, and basically extremely tiring.

and then there was last week. The same routine of meetings again. Morn to night, and a dinner date with my boss.

This Weekend
saturday there was a chance of going to office, though it was a holiday, but finally i dint have to go.
Tried watching HP anfd the Philosophers Stone at home with M, but it was futile. the laptop (M got form co) somehow was unable to read the cd, and finally i decided in despertion to make a movie out of it using movie maker. It was then that is finally started playing. But we gave up when the next cd threw similar tantrums.
In the evening went to a treat given by a colleague on his getting a new job and his bday. saw movie, and then dinner. movie was was supposed to be a comedy! dinner was better. they have started serving chicken again, avian flu fear gone.

yesterday mornign was spent at home, lazing around, and generally resting. evening i at last went out to get my shampoo.

The Shampoo Story
My Shampoo Story is now famous to all who know me. It is somethign I have been moaning about for weeks now, yet been unable to do anything about for some reason or the other. The brand i use is not available in every store in Abad. THanks to the extreme dry weather here, I had to resort to this brand (of Loreal). Now, it so happened that my bottles of shampoo and conditioner ended soemtime end of last month, just before Vinkys engagement. I made do with sachets of another freely available brand, because the shop i buy it from closes early, and I couldnt manage to make it to the shop by 8pm.
From then I have been unable to make ti to the shop, and have been unsing stopgap measures, while complaining bitterly about the whole thing meanwhile. That too in a month when Iam woefully short of cash (thanks to all that IT investment requirement!). THen were my boss visits etc etc.
So finally, yesterday I resolved to Go Get It. and I went. THe shop is kinda far from my house. Yet I went. was closed.

I decided to chuck that brand, and went bought soemthing else, from another shop nearby.
So finally, I have shampoo, and conditioner!
Yet to get a new bottle of deo!

And Now
That brings us to now. Today. and this week. THere is work. my boss (US one) has made sure of that. Yet, I am at my seat, in front of my comp, not preparing for the next meeting. That in itself is relaxing. Then, Wednesday is Festival time! Its Holi, and a holiday here.
[Note to myself: I always thought as a kid, how Holi is the only Holiday that lives upto the name of a Holiday day. Holi+Day]
So, though it is a 6day week, Ill be (thankfully) working 5 days. However, wont get a chance to play Holi. I realy enjoy the festival, and scope here to play seems pretty low. none of my frnds here seem to like it!
But then, I look forward to a possibilitry of bunking office for a day, work permiting. The weather here is too fine to let pass!

Thats it for the update! before i get comments and phone calls on "how long" this post ahs been, ill scurry off!!
The world and I

Day Musings

the weather mocks.
my favorite kind(though it could be windy)
wish i could be out on the roads,
green fields on both sides,
walking by, running by,
whizzing by
as time stands still.

everythings seems good
all the worries seem ... small.
the world seems a nicer amiable place
yet i feel caged.

not because it is a good weather
but because it is so precious.
because it is so rare.

a lovely day to be spent at home
lazily on a sofa
book in hand
music to hear
rain sprinkling nearby

not a morning to be spent in an
air conditioned
sealed window
computer ruled office

an afternoon to relish on green green grass
with a book
and music
and the sky
not another person in sight

a morning to spend laughing
full of energy

an evening to think

a day to drink
be merry
certainly not to sit inside
cooped up
hunched up in front
of a bare wall
a sheet of work
on a computer

a day to spend with freinds
a day to spend alone
to look up at the sky
the white clouds

not a day to be inside the building
when the lawns outside are so inviting
not when the nearest building is out of sight
not when you are inside the only building that can be seen.

a calm day
a promising day
a relaxing day
a jouyous day

a day when you come to work
only because you work
for some one else

the first day in the year
to be a day like this
for soon there will be more days like these
more days when i will feel the same
and some days when i probably will be doing
something i have written above.

was written over a period of one day, a few days ago when the weather was divine, turgid and waiting to rain, and I ended up staying in office till past midnight. Started off as a mail, and ended up dunno where

PS - Was not going to post it, but M persisted. And then again, changed one para which I found funny,and bringing out a contrast, which I modified on her recommendation:
a lovely day to be spent at home
lazily on a sofa
munching...tho not on a dosa
book in hand
music near to hear
rain sprinkling nearby