March 18th, 2006

Join the Masses


Considering the work that Im doing, its only fitting that I am in the mood of getting addicted to songs, one by one, or all together.
For the past few days I have been addicted to (listening the whole day and sining in between, constantly)
1. Bohemian Rhapsody (again) - both Queen and GNR/Elton John version
2. Layla - Clapton (Made Sash send it to me)
3. Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha (Managed a Punjabi song CD at last!!)
4. Dhol Wajdaa (same as point 3 above)

So what have I been upto? Work. Been as usual unusually cranky also :)

was so tired last night that slept off the moment my head touched the pillow - a rare occurence with me. Considering I slept off on the way back home from office, and the moment i reached home also.
Slept through my alarm in the morning. In my sleep last night I totally forgot to set the reminders to wake up!
THen I had some funny dream, and woke up feeling something clutching my big toe of left foot. Woke up to see it was a pigeon. Shooed it away, and lay down thinking it was 6.45am or so, only to see it was 8am!
8am!!! I leave home at 8.20am latest!!
Got up, closed windows to block advent of further pigeons. and started the process of preparation for office, when, Hah! phone rang!
a client from Japan. Hello? Hi Mr X. Shall I give you a call in around one hour when I will be in office? I have to catch a bus in a short while.
Sure Dips-san, but....and he spoke for 5 minutes!
Well, managed to take a batch and wash hair (feat!!) and reach bus stand on time.
Was extremely hungry, so bought biscuits on the stop, and ate almost the whole pack in office. Thankfully, coz there was Bread Pakora to eat today (SO SO SO OILY!).

Now at seat, and swathed by work.

Was wondering yesterday whether working for over 10 yrs makes you sort of immune to work. I see my boss(es) and they do all the hard work everyday and all the while followed by two young sons at home. Or is it just me with my present low that I'm getting tired so easily? Maybe itll be better next week (from my side i mean. Dont mind the work!)

Meanwhile Layla! darling wont you please Layla!
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