April 12th, 2006

Wisdom Tooth

So now that I have 2 wisdom teeth making their presence felt in my mouth, I wonder whether the result will be wisdom sapping out of my mind, or will it be wisdom leaking into my mouth from my brain?

Does that mean I will be able to do MORE BC more lucidly now? Or does that mean my gift of gab will be 'wiser' and hence lesser?
Does that mean Sarcasm will lose Dips? OR does that mean that Dips just wont be able to formulate Sarcasm!

Or does it simply mean that all that wisdom I gained over my 24 years will now go into cold storage (figuratively) and become tooth-hard!

After a quarter century (almost) of life I restart my way of thinking?!

Ok OK, wild thoughts, just wondering! ;)
Join the Masses

Its Grrrrr Time Once again

Even as I was typing a mail on my Lotus notes, and talking on phone to M, there started snmall flickers to my screen.
For one, auto filling of name in the "to" bar stopped working> OK, so ill live with that.
Then the mail got highlighted on its own, and the cursor vanished.
I struggle, but manage somehow to send that mail.

M then sends a mail she wants me to see. and I open the folder to see it. Just as I comment that Lotus is working a few seconds later than my commands, the system buckles.
the folders collapse into each other even while the cursor goes into its clam-face mode, i.e. the sandclock. I cannot do anything. There are mails open, mails half written, mails yet to reply to...
I open the trusty notebook and pick up the pen. I click "Save as Draft" wherever possible...OK, i use keyboard shortcuts cuz mouse isnt working.

Meanwhile, M, laughs away like Crazy... Im puzzled, shocked, hurt. Im dying here. WHy does she Laugh?!

"D everytime I talk to you its funny to see you struggle with your system."

Struggle with my system everytime im talking to her? Yeah, pretty terue I guess. And true when Im not talking to her as well.

Its so tragic, its Funny. Though Im sure thats not how M saw it.

"D, you should sell this system in Big BAzaar now. Youll get a few hundred rupees, and you can buy me a kurta with that money."


"Actually D, the company will be happy to give it to you for free. It has no depreciation left in it, they cant save taxes on it..."

Absolutely. And what about the data? ill be only too happy to move away with my hoard of songs, but im not too sure of the free bit...or infact the co even wanting to sell it to me.

meanwhile i can almost see M collapse in her paroxysm of laughter while i try to (yes, TRY to) restart the comp. You see, my sytem takes 2 minutes (it seems) to respond to a simple "Shut Down" command.

Fingers are crossed, as the windows close in the typical Powerpoint style of "blinds down" animation. and I hope Lotus will return to normal when it restarts. and my mail windows will automatically log me off.

Such is the story of my life...
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