April 13th, 2006

The world and I

Its Summers

And how do I know you say?

(apart from it being obvious)

Well, for one, its BLAZING hot!

The sun seems to reflect off everything. When I walk towards the cafetaria at lulnch time, the people in front of me seem to have risen...oops decended from their (heavenly) abodes...swathed in light as they seem. You see, the sunlight reflects off them.

Then apart from the sun, is the resultant heat. It renders all airconditioners in this well-lit superflously-huge glass-and-white castle-like building.

Evenings, no nights, more precisely late nights are definitely more pleasant.so...why am I talking of the weather here?

YEah...I realise its summers because looking outside can cause you to be blinded
It is summers because you need extra deo
It is summers because your feet sweat
It is summers because when a group of men stand together they collectively invariably stink. No matter their individual Deos

BAsically, it is summers, because...it is!

Why the hell did i even start on this post?

Oh yeah...to talk about stinking men.
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