May 29th, 2006

The world and I


I realised recently. Specifically a day ago, as I sat down to play a game of chess, taht as a kid, a rarely ever played board games.
Yes, in parties, or with a gang of other kids. but not on a regular basis.
at least, my board games used to be different.
not those which involve two people, more like the ones palyed by single palyer or a group...types i can play by myself or with all my frnds.
Not that i didnt have 2 player games...its just soemthing that i didnt play.
scrabble and boggle were against my mom, and that too rare. ludo and snakes and ladders would mean a group, so ok. business was a favorite, with cousins or freinds. lego and related games were favorties.

Such a clear indication. Something that made me realise that yeah, i am an only child.
How your tastes get defined by your environment.
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The world and I

weirdest thing ever!

There is someone who is trying to contact me on my office number now for 2 days. The calls just come and when I pick up, i cant hear a thing. Thinking its a technical problem, I ask the operator to ask the person to mail me...its supposed to be someone from the headoffice, but the name given does not match any name in the lotus notes.

I try talking to an empty phone...i can hear soem noise. It could be distortion of a voice...broken up.
I think it could be an instrument problem, and change the phone - problem persists. if anyone else calls, the phone is cut from the other end. Anyway, i lodge a complain to check my connection to the phone deptt in office.

Today again the same thing happens. I come back from lunch and I have a call from someone from HO again... a "ruby" or something.
I get the call, I answer...and after soem time i hear a womans voice say somethign like "dips" or was it "bitch". I couldnt make out. The phone got cut.

same thing repeats..the phone gets cut the moment i answer.
then theres a call, and i can distincly hear chewing on the other side. i give benefit of doubt.

Then i get a call on my number, and i say "i cant hear you, please call on extn 182", its the secretarys no. and this female voice responds after a pause "Shut up BITCH!"

Im speechless.
I tell story to NJ, who sits next to me. Hes also surprised. "someone must be paid to harass you" he jokes.

I mean, for me, a FEMALE voice?

Then, now as I was writing, a call comes. I ask the secretary to answer. He puts it on the speaker phone. i can hear, but not speak.
After some hellos from him, at last comes a tight female voice
"Hello. Can i speak to D****?"
he says "its a call for u"... i mouth to make him continue speaking.
"whos spaking" says he. "Sonal"
He passes it on to me...i mouth him to continue talking.
"Sonal from where? Are you calling from Torrent?"
I take the phone. there is no answer. the phone is kept down.

the secretary is also surpirsed. We have asked operator not to transgfer such lines to me now.

Im pretty shocked. stunned actually.

A male doing this kind of harrasment is sort of expected. a female? and why me? who? why on my office land line?

M, remember those sms-es i got? samrajya?