June 1st, 2006

The world and I

The first day of the month

Today morning, even after going to sleep at 1130 last night, I got up at 9am.
NINE AM?! I am supposed to reach office at that time.

It was so humid, i felt like i had stepped out of a pool.
And there are people who pay to enter a sauna?!

Called up P. He had not yet left for office. So, obviously I would go to work with him.

decided to have a cup of coffee before leaving. So cold coffee foe me and him.

The weather looked amazing. Cloudy and no sun. Though humid, it wasnt too hot. Felt like bunking - very strongly. P agreed. Infact, wanted ot bunk more than me I think (which is something). Finally, groaning, we left for office, and I punched in at 10.15am.A little more than an hour late. Ah! Never mind.

Start some work, and soon...look out...its raining cats and dogs! Thunder! Lightening! Rains!

Drag RG outside with me...and stand in open space (top covered) and enjoy the first rain of the season...first rain after months....more than 6 months.

Ah! At last the rains are here. They have been benevolent in many parts of the country, but to my dismay, not yet in Ahmedabad.

I havent felt this good in quite some time now.

Sent a few messages and got replies to the effect "you must be itching to get wet in the rain!" from all. Mom called up to say the same. While the freind I met yesterday is on leave and sends me messages of the lovely countryside view in the rain fromt he highway.

Ah rains! :) And now let me warn you. This is not the last you will be hearing from me on rains!