June 9th, 2006

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Gmail Usage

Yesterday as I opened Gmail, I noticed something. I noticed %age used.

As most people know, gmail is one of the few reliable mail services to give a constantly increasing space, to the present effect of 2500+MB.

HOwever, it seems my utlization of this resource is at a pace far greater than their space increasing pace.

Any guesses of how much I have used? I got answers to the effect...well, i wont bore you with the results, but the highest anyone went was 1GB.

And this is what it says on my mailbox:
"You are currently using 2219 MB (81%) of your 2732 MB."


Is that what optimum utilization of available usages is about? I shudder to think of the day when I will have to transfer data from my gmail address - perhaps to another of my gmail addresses?
Climb the Summit


I have realised that though I have written on a number of topics...real and surreal [;)] I have never written about something that definitely impact my everyday life. My pair of Jeans.

Anyone who wears jeans on a regular basis knows the important features for them. What works, what does not. What fits and what never will. Anyone who owns more than one pair definitely appreciates the subtle differences. To a Mom they may all be blue, but to you, they range from ice to charcoal. From anti-fit to low rise, from straight to bootcut. You know the company when you look at them, you know its relevance to the person wearing it by the way they move in their pair. I could go on...

So heres a post dedicated to Jeans and ... well, what more can you say than...'Jeans'!

Everybody has their own personal pair of favourite jeans.
You dont buy a pair of jeans because you dont like it. You buy one because you think you like it, it fits you, blah blah blah. However, as you start wearing them, there is a certain pair that you wear more. And more often. In some time you realise you actually are lost when it (at last) has gone for washing...for then you have to re-think what to wear...as in which other pair to don.

This pair of jeans is what your hand grabs in moments of hurry, when at leisure. Times when you want to relax and times when you want to work hard, but in comfort.
The pair moulds itself to you. Lending support to your body at the crucial places...a snug feeling without hampering movement. Like a close friend knows your mind, this pair knows exactly how you bend that knee, and how much. It gives you that freedom, without being over or under indulgent.
It becomes your favourite jeans. You care for it in that casual negligent way in which you care for your most precious and most used items. You instinctively know exactly how crumpled it will be if thrown a centimitre differently than the usual discarded throw. You dont want to part with it. Even when your friends and relatives beg you to get them washed.

A time comes when they fade, they mellow. You bask in their faded glory...for glory it is, to have a faded and almost-torn pair of jeans because of your use of them. You want them to last for ages in that state. Not even the latest fashions and the oldest look jeans from any shop can compete with these...for apart from being fashionably old, they are your second skin. Yuo truly realise and appreciate the meaning of that term now.

However, time and use do have their effect on material objects. Like all good things, these jeans also have a life span. They tear. They rip. In ways which makes them un-wearable. You battle till the last gasp. You try your hardest to use every thread till it can. You wring it of every bit of use you can. Yet, it has to happen. You have to part with them.

Finally, the day comes when you say the final goodbye. And then, you look at the neglected other jeans in your cupboard and wonder whether they will ever be able to take your jeans' place.

Perhaps one of them will, perhaps they wont. It is possible to have a pair of jeans die on you after years and years of age, and you not feel much for them. These are old pairs that you like, but do not love.

And then, you go shopping, looking for that pair of jeans which fit you just right . For that pair which will become your favourite pair.