September 13th, 2006

The world and I

wandering update

Weeehaaa!! I am posting a post!! Its been Ages! Well, so this one is a sort fo update on my activities, sort of. and basically a lot of unasked-for gyaan.

Music - yesterday i was in a car with a 40 odd year old man, and guess what his player was playing? Well, music I listen to. It was kinda awkward when I mentioned it, but seriously, this is something I and some of my contemporaries hear. And by some i mean some. Whereas, it was typically what can be called music transcending age and time. For him it is music of his time. And as per him, it is too late in life to change his tastes. For me, well, it really touches me and it is too much to expect for me to listen to something else.

It is intersting how some small things can be an indicator of how well you will get along with a certain person. Music apart (which of course helps you predict what a certain person likes etc), small things also make a difference. A person who loves something like bread pakora, well, just cannot have the same tastes as me (pun intended). A rum lover cannot appreciate whiskey, but at least they like the same cadre... and even then there are differences - in small things. As the cadre/ class of things liked change, there is more difference in the way we think, and act. Hence, comes the difference in personality. What you eat can very well be taken as an indicator of your personality, though in a very superficial way. This of course does not mean you go analysing what every person does, to find out whether you match at soem wavelength. However, soemtimes some differences are stark and can be taken as a minor warning...just to keep eyes open. If i was not too clear here, then just let me know, I will expand on another post.

Going on to another topic, What is with Pink? I mean its OK if Aerosmith sang a whole 4 odd minutes about PINK, but seriously, balding 45 yr old mature men with paunches dont look their best in what can only be described as 'baby pink' shirts. There seem to be a profusion of them around. And when you meet someone in an electric colour version of the baby pink, well, you really cannot ignore it. OK, add 20-odd aged men also wearing pink. And mind you, these are solid colours. Add to that this salwar kameez that my mom got stiched for me a few months ago which is pink and white. Geez. You can say I seem to be seeing the world through pink-tinted glasses. Or the world conspiring to make me get the point. Well, I think I should be honest. My boss today, and I both happen to wear pink shirts. I can however affirm with supreme confidence that I look zillion times more presentable and less incongruous than him.

In the Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) there was this one line which I took away. "If you want something really bad, the whole world conspires for you to get it".
It does you know. However, like i mentioned sometime ago, you get it when you are at the end of your tether. And, you never get exactly what you want. You get a lesser-than-perfect version. Ok, even lesser than that. No one expects perfect either way. However, you get part of the wish. Like I finally resigned from my present job. Yes, that is because I got anothjer offer, and one which I liked for once. However, it remains in the same city. Something which I had doped to avoid. Still, at least its a new job, new boss, new company, better pay. So what if I stay here...for some more months.

Apparently I wanted to discuss some depressing things with someone. However, like I mentioned only last night - I am in a forgiving mood now. I feel relaxed and confident. There is only little miscellaneous work that I am doing now, and the extensive face to face handover business is a pain. It is a pain to pass ony our projects to soemone else. Especially if you dont think that person really well, for lac of a better word, smart. I am thankful that I was at least up-to-date with them, and there was only one main project that was pending...which my super-boss took over on his own. So no handing over to be done there. Rest of it? It is alll time dependant, and are on-going, where my responses would have been based on the other side response, which was pending when I resigned.

So anyway, after a nice amiable parting with my super-boss, my last day was decided as anytime post 9th. And then my boss wanted this handover thing to take place, so now my last day is this friday, 15th. I join the new place on 20th. Short vacation some call it. And its really a small population. Wondering what to do. Wish I could go off somewhere on my own...a beach or soemthing, but it really isnt the safest time of the year. Can I convince someone to take a holiday? hm. Home is just too far away to go.

My birthday was over a month ago. And I still have to buy my gifts on behalf of so many of my well-wishers. Not to forget my parents. Its such a pain - not only to think of a gift for myself, but also to shop. Especially a pain to shop for clothes. Gaah! I wish I could get someone to do it for me, where i just give the basic specs to them. Ah well... reminds me of Maggi from in-her-shoes. :)

So, coming back to the highlight of my life - my new job. Sort of apprehensive. It WILL be afterall my first job shift. The first time I will be joining a company with work ex, first time that a company wil have expectations of me and vice versa. WHen I joined here, it was straight from campus, and thus expectations were not there. There was a whole new world out there for me, of which I had no idea. There was not a chance of wondering how the boss will be comapred to...the whole thing now is comparison. No wonder we always remember our 'firsts'. They make the benchmarks. Everything thereafter becomes better or worse compared to that. The first ever experience for you to know what it is actually like. Anything better you experience after that is better simply because it is compared to that first experience. Prior experience also acts the same way, but it is afterall about modifications of that benchmark. So, it is all about the first...even if you dont remember it consciously.

In the new place I will not be part of a team. So whats new. I was not part of any team till a year ago. However, I did have allied teams around me, which is nto soemthign I think I will have there. But, I have decided that I will not think about anything too much now, because it wont help, and just take things as they come (like I usually do), because the decision is made, and I cannot reverse that flow.

Its been a long post now, and I think I will rest for a moment :)