October 2nd, 2006

The world and I

Gah again

Yeah the song playing is exactly my emotion. and its playin on speakers, loud enough. I dont care if ppl listen. At least I removed my desktop with a beautiful "FUCK" message on it.
Feels like a bitch. Make it a Dog. A Filthy Rabid Dog.

I mean WTBF?! Its a holiday all over India. Its the last day of Pujas/Navratri/Dussehra...whatever. Its Gandhi Jayanti. Its a bloody national holiday.
and Im in office. working.
Not had a decent weeks sleep last week, with the daily count being less than 4 hrs, and I managed by keping the silver lining of todays (expected) hol in mind. only for the myth to be shattered at 7pm, Saturday evening by a sarcastic boss. Gee great.
[OK so u can say that it was my choice about sleepin early, but then I expected a hol today to relax, and dint really mind the late nights so much. But now 6 very unforgiving days ahead and a boss who expects things to be done before they happen are not something i can take. Also something i cant take is a holiday]

samurai swords adorn my desktop, and woe be to anyone who crosses my path. well i hope. In old company i would have committed a few nonchalant murders. however, here its a new story.
Forgot my phone charger at home, and the phones beping away to glory about its hunger levels...feed me! feed me! says it...while i keep getting happy dussera messages and phone calls.
A day like this does wonders for ones (plummeting) motivation levels.

Got my leave sanctioned for Diwali at least. GOt tickets and going home. As of now.

PS - not really sorry if i bored u guys. I need to vent out somewhere. and 'everywhere' seems like a good idea to me right now.

PPS - chewing gum on shoe is like the cherry on icing of a lovely delicious cake.


So, now that I am sitting in office, totally unable to concentrate, having had useless one liner conversations on phone with people calling n wishing, and enduring their aghast exclamations at today being an official working day, and thereby completely losing any urge whatsoever to d anything worth a biscuit crumb, I thought Ill read my frnds page, and typed the url in google search.

So I ended up looking up refereces of dippyblogs over the net in different combinations. And to my dismay, but no surprise, I d not feature in the search of 'dippy blogs' even till page 18, where igav up even cursorily looking up.
A search in Urban Dictionary for 'Dippy' threw up meanings like "

Dippy means to be a complete stupid fucking dumbass, plain and simple.

The busdriver is really dippy


A joint dipped in formaldehyde

Smokin' a dippy

Ah well.
I give up. my blog names decided ;)

And now for LUNCH. ITs pretty early at this place, but I dont mind. Not now.
Join the Masses

Choices of our Times

Isnt it striking how all actresses of a certain time have someting similar about them? Always? Not just India where the resemblance between one and the other is enough to convince you they are identical twins, but also in hollywood. And Im not talking of hair, clothes and make-up.

Of course, the prevalent hairstyles are all the same on all women. If its the era of sort crops, all of them will have it. Afterall, which actress wouldnt be fashion savvy? Unles of course she is a trend setter - Parvin Babi for eg., with her to-die-for hairstyle copied by millions of girls across India. But really, after a time, every actress had it. Extrapolate to Jenifer Annistons hair cut which became the rage all over...and now, really,does JA look any different?

Clothes - the same applies. Its enough to give a person nightmares to look at what our leading ladies wore at a certain point of time. Those UGLY puffed up laced up concoctions in Hindi movies and those school-girl look alike can-canned skirts and the era of stifling polymerised materials i Hollywood. Sure they looked good on screen, wafting in the wind, and giving an 'ethereal look' but really...! Not to mention the corsets!!! God! Naive men must have been so dispointed to find a lady with a waist of 18 actually having a waist of 28, or that she is dying of that high pressure.

Lets not even get into the figure debate. Its undoubdetly cloned copies. From hourglass to voluptious, to waif thin, to dont know where to go.

However, faces are something one cannot change intrinsically. Sure there is plastic surgery. However it is intersting to note how a certain look is famous. During the time of Monroe, everyone looked like her. Only those who really took interest can distinguish between her and some Betty woman and someone else of her time. Then Liz Taylor times - all actresses had emphasised sharp big eyes. In India they were either the big eyed shy -cow- girls, else they were out and out vamps.
Today everyone wants to be independant and have a different characteristic and personality.Yet they either look washed-out or sexy. Sexy is a look. A Jolie today may look different from a Cat Jones, but really, will the next generation be able to tell the difference after a while? Okay, so I chose rather distinct women, but tell me truly, unless you know the history behind these women and how they have projeted themseles, whats the difference between a KAte Winslet, a Paris Hilton and a Gwynneth Paltraw?
In India, they are open clones. I cannot distinguish one from the other, forget thinking about the next generatio. When she started, Aishwarya Rai was different and stiking. Today...well speak from your heart. How many others look like her? Almost all. And why do all the leading actresses today have brown and hazel eyes? the aam junta does not.

All the women cater to the market demand. The market demands what its fed, and likes. The market is fed by some high flying people sitting in cushy rooms who get bored of popularity and excersise their kinks. and really, what their companies are making different to others. SO the lobby strikes in. the lobby that decides one fine day that 'we cant make any more innovative hair straightening products and command our premium', and starts selling the concept of wavy hair. The lobby that decides that eye make up has huge potential for sales simply because it has been ignored and they can make 1000 new product innovations on it. The same lobby which decides what sexy should mean. And, the same lobby that promotes and chooses the Beauty Queens of the year.

For who said Cat Zeta Jones is the most feminine of women, and who said there cant be a more dedicated and prettier actor than Renee Z? In the end, its all Economics and Marketing, Honey. Your choices are never really your own. Thats why Man is a social animal. And someone is making him socially acceptable...by feeding the things that an apparent society likes.

You can see that right from school to work place. The same class wiill all have the same 'rage' as will the people at work - they wil all have seen the same movies, gone to the same hang out places and liked the same food, just to be there and done that if not for anything else. At school it is what paents help you get, and at work it is what media helps us know.

who says a mobile phone with camera is necessary, and said its a matter of choice? Whoever said a laptop is convinient? Not to mention Indian or French cuisine. Did you really think as to wh you prefer the small car to a bigger car? It has nothing to do with parking space. It has everythin to do with whats available in the market in your affordability range and requirements and is marketed well. Someone decided that the average middle class indian will prefer a small vehicle. Maruti can go blue in the face trying to sell the Esteem. But while the Santros and Swifts and Altos are around, they will have a small audience.