October 10th, 2006

Climb the Summit


To start off, as I typed in the subject (sometimes I type it in before starting off, and sometimes later) I was thinking how the word "times" is connected with "Time", just by a simple "s" yet it is so rarely that we associate the two in the similar sense of the word.

So anyway coming back to what originally was meant to be here.
its been a pretty busy week at work. Preps for innumerable meetings. Did mention the plant visit? well. that was there too. Sunday I met up with my old boss. hes in town. was good to meet him. Especially to see his stark contrast with respect to my present boss n co workers.

Indians lack in courtesy? Or i it that I meet the stupid ones. Coutesy and the slightest politness to other ppl seems to be a weakness, and so very rare in high level ppl I meet through the company. in my preious organization there might have been 3% who showed it, but here, it must be less than 0.1%. For one, I hate ppl who are at the back of the lift and push their way out the moment the lift stops even when they know that everyone in the lift will be getting down on that floor. Not only do they inconveniene others, they waste time, impede flow of ppl effeciently thereby blockig traffic, cause confusion and are impolite. To keep olding open a door when you see someone coming right after you is unthinkable for some. I wonder why. And of course, the thought the simple thought that one can possibly enter a room after someone can get some ppl nightmares. So can asking someone to sit in theor presence. And such ppl think nothing of classifying human by heirarchy and age. A young person at a semi-senior level is ideal for bashing up. And young ppl at junior levels are non-exixtent. Cellophane ppl. necessary mindless elements, there to fill in gaps and do unvoidable work. liabilities. How many times i have ben informed of my priviledge to be able to correspond with heads of SBUs? It makes me sick.
I have an ego. I take offence if anyone asks me to take printouts for their reading. YOu have two hands, a computer and connection to the printer. Ask your secretary to file it for you! Else, add a 'please', or 'could you'. I am afraid I have become used to it. Even my German boss whom we used to call rude, did this. Adding a simple "please" makes a lot of difference, and comes by default in most sentences...i thought.
However, the ego that comes of being told again and again that you are a priviledged few ... i understand it as ego now, is horrid. I have seen it in some ppl, and never understood till now what it was that they were so proud and egotistical about.

Anyway, so in my converstation with my boss, he mentioned how one of the few ppl in the old company whom he likes as a worker paid me a compliment on the lines that the company has lost a good talent, and apparently berated my boss slightly on letting me go.
So at the end of the meal we had these fortune cookies. kv took two..in case the first one wasnt meaningful. and it wasnt. The next one went something like "it is time to find new friends".
Mine said something like "Your kindness to others will be repayed to you today in x quantity"
Later in a chat with M she mentioned the dialogue in 'flavors' the movie, where the guy says fortune cookies always make sense when you add "in bed" after reading it.
I must say it does!! It would have been fun if I would have said that to KV, my ex-boss. and i would have made sure I was kind to many ppl that day ;)

So my process of house shifting is ongoing. To the flat diagonally opposite to my present one. a decent place i must say, though not furnished. Didnt do anything yesteday,was not feeling particularly well.
This friday I go to cal. Home at last, after ages. And as my boss (surprisingly) said, I have worked for it in the past week! Did I mention Kv recognised my boss and said "hes a nice man, knowledgeable, you will learn a lot from him". True or not is somethign I will get to know. However, it was sweet of him to say that...and no questions asked as to why I shifted or anything. Dwelling on past and misfortunes is something I have never seen him do, quite difficult, and worth trying to implement. I think I can dare say / write in this post that he was fond of me..or liked me. And well, I can safely and confidently say, vice versa. Sadly, that didnt help my final work relation with him.

So today I am writing a long blog. Reason: one of the meetings has kicked off, of course a minion like me couldnt possibly be invited. But it gives me a short break, and time to do my stuff not in the next 5 mins.

Now time to go back to work. Decent sleep lastnight too after ages.

I think I will color my hair this time in cal. what say M? Follow ur footsteps? Red of violet?
The world and I

of accents and plants

It can get bugging, but its kinda interesing to note the pronounciations and spellings of simple english/hindi words in gujju land. I faced lesser of it in my prev orgn, maybe bec i was not in touch withthe regular working crowd there.
however, being told of "Zedblu" was confusing...till i fathomed they were talking of a majorly advertised abad based mens clothing store "jade blue"
and that the "media presentation" was actually "mid yr presentation"
in text "estemeted" is "estimated" is OK, but spelling errors (consistent ones) in molecule names is plain bugging.

By the way, heres something i had written down on my way back from the plant on 5th.
Took some rather cool snaps on the way there, will upload on flikr when i have time so u can see it. right from momma goats to narrow gauge steam engines to sunsets and bridges. also got some rather cool cloud snaps from sunday morning. if only there were no electricity wires to mar the view. but they say imperfection makes things prettier.
So i went to the plant today. At the industrial dev location of a small city between guj n mum. Shabby. Wonder how it passed any inspection. Ever. Maybe all api plants look like this? Anyway. So earlier it had been suggested that i go w someone as way of intro. However things fell such that my first visit became self introductory. Sometime mid day i realised what was unnerving. There were groups of nonchalant men wherever i went. Some openly staring. U see, apart from the receptionist, i was the only female around not to mention the only one on the plant shop floor, all over the 10units. Gah. Its so disgusting. Even the other day i was upto here w the stareanosaurus syndrome. Even if they have a perfectly awesome babe w them (not that it gives them a reason) they wil stare. Whats with men anyway? Women rarely stare. Even if they do, its not so obvious. Its like its a basic instinct and unavoidable compulsion for men! So anyway. Ended my official plant visit, ultra-fake-courtesy and staring day. Now on train back to abad.