October 25th, 2006

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Uh oh... i saved an entry on 13th October as I wweent home. All I remember is, it was a rather ie post, with ierd flights of fancy. However, the draft seems to have been deleted or overwritten by me by some stupid error :(
Saving on Notepad seems the safest :/
Anyway, so here I am, back on my seat, back to work, back to the day that has been in my dreams or should I say nightmares for the past so many days. The day that managed to ruin my holiday nights.
Landed yesterday and immediately began the strggle to make my house more orderly. Started with the toughest portion, something I hate doing, and sometign I did for the first time - the KITCHEN!! Hee hee ha. Actually set it up and cleaned it. TRight from the refidgerator to the cabinets. Am rather proud of that accomplishment.
Clothes went in next, but stil curtains are yet to go up.
Was woken in the morning by a pigeon on my big toe. Yup, my fereinds are back. They haunt this side of the building it seems. So the double check of the wndows before leavng house beomes another regular ritual. LAst ting i want is another pigeon family residig with me.
Will be back with more later, and te posts I penned on paper during my retur journey. As well as my 'incidents' of my journey to cal. Till then...
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Niel Diamond had aptly said
Well Im New York city born and raised
But nowadays Im caught between two shores
LA's fine but it aint home
New York's home but it aint fine Oh no

Such is the scenario of me and nd many more who stay away from home, at least in India. In Abad I think about home, and how things are there, but it jsut is too different once I go back home. Home, the word itself has double meaning. Home is where you LIVE. Home is where the Heart is they say. ut you can never find out where the heart actually is.

Cal is home. My parents are there. Thats where I spent my college days. I have memories of Calcutta. Being a bachelor, Calcutta is where luxury is. It is the place where I can get the food served to me at home, where I dont have to think of what to eat, shop or stock. It is the place where things are. It has been home for quite some time. Durng College, Cal was home. It was the place you went to from hostel, and still retains that flavor.

Ahmedabad now. It is the place I stay most of the time. It may not be luxury or home of Cal, but it is my home for around 300+ days a year. ITs a house modified as per my individual needs, and, therefore, becomes home. It may be the place where I have to worry about the maid and cleaning up, where I have to make and serve my own food, but it definitely is the place where I can choose to do or not do any of the above.

Once in Cal, the small things of Ahmedabad habits bear down on you. You have forgotten certain things from home of years ago. In Ahmedabad you dont do certain things because, well, they are done/prepared at home.

So where is home now? i dont know. Its a complex life once you get down to the unnecessary details. I guess it all boils down to your own decisions.