October 27th, 2006


I think my swordtail guppy (thats what I think it is at least) will die.
It does not even nibble at its meal, and apparently does not eat anything else.
It does not have a home. Its place is constantly shifted, now lying in a serving glass bowl of OK depth,but still, its a serving bowl! Must be eyeing me with suspicion every time I arrive in fear Ill eat it up. Someone tell it, Its too small to be cooked and eaten!

Nevermind. On its death I will get a successor to fill its place. This time itll be a Pirannah. Or at least a shark. Two fighters in one fish bowl will be awesome...perhaps they will make the water splash out too? I wonder :)

Another reason to keep windows cloed and not allow pigeons inside - they had destroyed my plants earlier, last thing I want them to d is act like a crow and fish out the guppy. You can never be too careful with Ahmebabad pigeons. They are unafraid of humans, remember?

Climb the Summit

Wirey life

This time I went home, my aunt became disgusted with me. Or rather, what I carry. my mom was disgusted with my wardrobe, and thankfully my cousin sis wasnt there to be disgusted at anything else, not that I would have allowed her to be.
Ok, now for the why. My mom got disgusted because I was wearing my plain pair of (ear)rings which I have on since college days...and which I barely ever change out of. they are forgettably comfortable, the reason why i barely get out of my jeans, the other thing she had an objection to. Apart from the Tee shirts the variety of whichh  has been the same since last yr.
My aunt now, she thought of the promise of exciting things in my tiny but surprisingly capacititous handbag (shes the one who gifte me a whole make up kit on my bday!), only to find what she said were 'wires'.
Seriously. Its fine to have a laptop, and a smart phone, but the accompainements are the baggage. Of course, there are the chargers, then the extension charger for the smart phone apart from my normal phone, the headset for my phone, then the cable for data transfer, then the bluetooth device in case I find something interesting somewhere and want to transfer between phone and comp, the pen drive for storing and carrying extra unexpected data...and so on.
I remember the time I dint own any of the above, and I could leave for any destnation carrying my house keys, and a wallet.
So while looking for something, I opened my purse, and out came two phones with accompanying wires - a headset, a charger extension, a pen drive, followed by a CD, a sheet of paper with lots of writing on it and two pens. I forgot to mention the wallet and tissues. [The stupid idiots dont allow chapsticks on flights nowadays! Ur making those terrorists thing of sleeker options!]

Makes you think how much our lives are governed by electronics (its not a new thing Im writing about, but well..). The first thing I note when looking for a house is where the plug points are, how far from the probable seating location and whether they are in good condition.
The second thing on meeting someone is to note whether the phone is compatible and can data be exchanged.
The first thing on coming to office is to connect laptop to charge point and LAN.
Then of course connect phone, to laptop and at any given point of time, there is more than 50% probability of either of my phones on the charging point.
Go home, and the TV is connected to DVD player, connected to speakers, all connected by a single multiport plug point... you get the idea.

For every device there are multiple wires, and true tech development I feel will happen when it can all be converged to a single small device. I dont care wire/ usb port supported thingy...as long as it saves me from getting tangled up in red/yellow/white/black.

(Human) Life

We all human start off with life acting like a playful puppy. Yup, we are all equivalent to dogs. Why? Because humans are born as dependant beings, and dont change that status for the rest of their lives.
Life starts off decently enough. It is a healthy puppy but then you learn more and more. Soon you contract rabies. There are so many other diseases you contract..and of course there could be the possibility of tics. But rabies is the first and most dangerous one that we all contract. Somewhere in our teens we get infected. Soon we cannot care enough to take care of ourselves. We get tics, and also become filthy.

Whoever said Lifes a Bitch obviously started off on the right track, but dint think it through. Dogs are more plentiful and trouble causing in the end, they bark more for one.

Life actually, is a Dog. A Rabid, Filthy Dog.

We go through life like that - infected and dirty, and couldnt care less. We spread the infection, biting infants and teens, and spreading the word that filth is good. We spread the belief that thats how its all supposed to be, and healthy dogs are either a fantasy, or freaks.

Just when you think you cannot get worse than this, it gets worse. thats a new disease that attacks. Like I said, things start becoming really bad for humans when they are in teens. Thats the time suddenly 'career' and 'future' start reappearing in conversations. Thats the rabies. It stays with you for the rest of your life.

Then of course things start getting messy. You get into the shit, and continue to get filthy. The default of earning and managing to stay alive, somehow. Who is immune to that?

Life starts off as a healthy pup, but soon enough, it acts like it always has. As a rabid, filthy, Dog.
The world and I

tech in our lives-an article

As I talk about tech and gadgets, here is something I stumbled upon quite accidentally, while reading something quite different. Have patience in the beginning, the latter paragraphs are more meaningful. I like the stats mentioned.
read further....

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Interesting eh?

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