November 10th, 2006

The world and I

meh - really?

life bhi saala kitna complicated hai.

I want to chuck everything right here and spend the rest of my life trying to figure out what life is.
I want to find something steady in everything
I want to have grown up differently
I want to change my future
I want to have not learnt what all i have learnt till date
I want to go out and have a cigarette in a cool dark anonymous pub

I want to be reborn as a one-cell sea fish (organism) lying at the bottom of a trench in the pacific ocean, poisonous enough not to be eaten by bigger fishes.

It would pre-solve all not having the premise to know what problems are...infact by not knowing the word.

It would stop the empty brain thinking of useless complications on simply non existent problems (oxymoron?).

life saala bahut complicated hai