November 13th, 2006

Climb the Summit


on saturday night caught up with an old frnd/ acquaintance, and had a nice time watching a movie. Selected Vanilla Sky. My interest in it having been revoked by the knowolge that Sigur ros gave background score.
Stunning movie. Very nice. Had downloaded for watching in MBA time, but never got round to it, finally corrected the error. Forget Sigur Ros music (which is awesome stand alone, and fits the movie to a T), Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are awesome actors in hands of Crowe. They could have definitely done better than P Cruz, but then I guess its ok.

Got smitten by my wallpaper, which happens to be the poster of a movie called DreamCatcher. intersting premise as was stated on it, looked sinister enough, and the name definitely inviting. picked it up with enthu, and though it wasnt so bad, it definitely dint live upto its poster expectations. And quite a bit of gore.

Friday was time for Miami Vice. Why? A typical Hindi movie remake in English - it has all the masala and none of the life necessary to make it big.

And again the thought strikes important it is to have a good director. Like in an orchestra, the notes may be perfect, but its the timing of the conductor that make the final difference. Actors can sing and laugh, they can be wonderful per se. but they can be totally wasted in the hands of a heartess director. The directors ability to make the actors feel the moment and give it their best. To live upto the script.

Movies are one of the few things that always require passion. Sure, you need to work wholeheartedly in everything, but to make a movie, unless you feel it and make it with care, the end result can be a drain on the producer. It is the same with all arts. They are afterall, all about the public. And the public wants to spend money only on the best.
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