November 20th, 2006

encounters of the Drastic kind

General Anasthesia is fine, but local can give the jitters (Side: Doesnt anasthesia sound like Anastasia?)
Extra time to think is also bad.

So what happened?
bravely I went to the dentist after making provisional arrangements for incapability of ingestion on saturday.
However, the denist was still occupied with the previous patient.
I had time to spare. In a dentists office.
With photographs of teeth all around.
My mind wandered, within bounds of available information.

Interpretation: I started rememebering all the details on tooth extraction from web pages visited 6 months ago.
And by the time I entered the docs cabin, I was wondering about alternatives.
A thorough examination y dentis ensued, and halting conversation from my side.
The syringe entered my mouth. And I said stop.

So I walked away thoroughy embarassed and with all teeth still in place. Just the edges blunted, a temporary measure...which I will make do with. I am sure.

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The Song

Its  nice song, and really sung well. However, everytime i hear it, I remember Icarus. As a result of which I remember this prose we had in school on this guy who gets the story of Icarus tattoed on his back...and his sad story thereafter.
All this happens in a milli-sec of hearing this song.

I like this song, it has a freshness to it no matter how old. Very basic, and perhaps the cause is the heartfelt rendition. Perhaps thats why I associate it with the above facts.
Toota-2 ek parinda - somehow in its context always makes me think of humans in conjunction to the literal meaning of the words, and therefore Icarus, and the most stunning heartflt story of Icarus to me was not the story itself, but the short story of my course in class 11 or so.

Intersting to note how the mind works.
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