December 30th, 2006

Climb the Summit

My Moms Visit, and Books. A befitting couple!

Sitting on the drawing room sofa, eating HOT luchis (Bengali Puri) with kosha mangsho  (meat cooked over period of time in deletable spices) and patali gur (special Bengali Jaggery) with my mom, while watching "Yes Minister" quite made me feel back at my Calcutta home, even if a few, no, quite a few years ago.

So My Mom is here for a few days. She arrived on tuesday (the day after Christmas), when I saw her enter home and left for office immediately thereafter. Took a hol for the next two days instead of staying over at the manufacturing facility for some work. (Yes, I know thats bad, becaue I would have learnt a lot there, and it would have been interesting, but still.) It has been quite some time since I met her, and calcutta is pretty far away, and she does come only once a year. But oh! how long that visit seems. I love my mom. But 24 hours multiplied by however many days shes here can get to be a little too much for the two of us in each others' company. Infact so can 12 continous hours. Nerves fray and tempers rise.

Both of us are quite used to living on our own terms, and private spaces. Sitting in each others company after so long can be fun, but also draining. We are, afterall used to a few minutes' conversation a few times a week!

Once she comes she rearranges my house as per her preferences, thereby meaning I travel through the whole house, room to room looking for that pair of jeans which eventually I find either in the washing basket or neatly folded and piled under some random pieces of clothing. The easily locatable object from the random reckless higgeldy-piggeldy pile is quite difficult to find in an arranged setup. I enter the kitchen and cannot for the life of me locate a spoon to pour the coffee into the missing cup!

Yes, she does make life simpler on some counts. things I had forgotten the existence of are taken out because, well, in a running household they are commonly used. And yes, thankfully she is not the type who goes around arranging everything. Only a few places, but even those tend to add up to a small timber in my steel-spoked tyre. My maid is extremely happy though. She finally htinks the house is being used when my moms here! As if I dont!! I live here!! She visits here!

We both like quiet moments on our own, and after a full day in each others company, well, all I wil say is, it is good that I go to office.

The best technique therefore that has been implicitly agreed upon by us is that we shall entertain ourselves, out of home. We shall go out, tire ourselves, and suitably enjoy each others company without getting too wishy washy over the whole thing. grab a bite out most of the times, sometimes junk, sometime a good meal, and be home for the parting words before sleep.

Lack of places to go to was adjusted last time when we went to the trip to Jamnagar sanctuaries, and before that short trips to Lothal and Mothera and the Calico Museum. Which effectively left nothing this time round. Especially considering my absence of leaves and preoccupation with this stupid new job, where not only does the bb not give leave, but also postpone the stupid budget meeting to a sunday morning which also happens to be the last day of the year! Talk about ... Sadism?! So, anyway, I could not/did not plan/make an effort to plan anything this time. WHich is OK enough actually cosidering her long touring this winter (if I can call it one) including my brothers in Cal.

The trips not been too bad however, with me more or less prepared for her whims on her trips, and her being tired. Sudden realization struck as to how time has flown since the days of sitting at home after finishing schoolwork to sitting in my house after office work...well, not quite after.

Sunday evening she leaves, and though it will be sad to say bye for another long tenure, and a return to my regularly irregular routine, it will also be kind of nice. Moms are nice. They really are. But in short doses. And then again, she will leave just in time for me to get ready to celebrate 31st December.

PS - I really should thank sashdude for the Yes Minister tv series CDs on my request! Awesome. Brilliant piece of comic writing. Every time I read the books (Yes Minister and Prime Minister) Im filled with admiration and delight. The acting in the TV series is almost faultless, you cannot imagine the minister, private secretary and personal secretary to be anybody else. The puns and jokes, the deep sarcasm and the innocence as well as cunning of all of them while continually mocking the govt system, not to forget using the drivers network is just too good and realistic. Reading it is a delight. A lot of take aways and a lot of humour, the Yes Minister series can easily be classified amongst my favourite comedies between the Blandings Series of PGW and Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. Almost perfections!

I am reading Catch 22 (still) and that cannot cannot, simply cannot be missed in the above list, but then its American, probably the few American humors that are funny. Hence a different line dedicated to it.

And before I complete, I must say Guy Ritchie is one hell of a director. Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels is wonderful. Snatch does not compare. Right up there with Rodriguez' Sin City, and Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Hmm.. I think I have a taste for idiotic gangsters who (accidentally) kill a lot of people cold bloodedly. And are cool.
Climb the Summit

Sine Theory

so i went through my frnds page after what... 22nd December I think. because the last post I had seen was of 22nd dec. The whole page was new barring that one post...and it was interesting. I also went through the QCs of past so many days. I must say it is fun to get to read them in bulk. Thats the advantage with books. You can read the whole thing in one go. And then, of course, you are dissapointed that theres nothing left to read. Happened with my Terry Pratchets mostly. The books gear up so much towards the end that they end just too soon, yet while reading the end does not seem to come early enough where all the pieces fall together!

I expect the next week to be slightly lighter, with Mom gone and BB gone. But thats hoping. That will be a good 1st workign week, which also incidentally has 6 working days and begins on a Monday.

In my IMI days I used to expound this theory which I nomenclated the Sine Theory, which I had formed some years prior to that. I still hold by it. Based on my personal first hand and second hand experience, I can say its pretty much true.

Everything in life is a Sine wave of sorts. There are highs followed by lows, and vice versa. Let us begin with activity since thats what I was talking of. spurts of actvity we say, because it comes in bursts. There is always a lull between hectic work, and we always wonder - why doesnt all the work get evenly distributed through the days??

A time of happiness and prosperity is preceeded usually by a difficult time, and tha saying is not in vain "pride comes before fall".

Even the stock market follows the trend. Countries and societies rise and fall following the Sine waves, some gradually undulating, some rather hiccupy. Right from the Indus Valley to the British colonianism to economic prowess of USA, there have been rises and falls of dynasties.

We can draw paralells in almost any sphere of life. So to say, a trend analysis.the Sine theory will never let you down.
Right from moods to instances. It applies to all, Saddam to you and me. The intensity may differ, intense highs and intense lows, or a placid deviation from the norm (x-axis).

It is a source of hope for the future, a hope that eventually things tend to balance out. That after a dreary year a better one is bound to come. The future is unknown, but we can hope for the best. We dont know afterall where in the sine curve we are placed - the bottom trough, rising, above the X-axis, or at the top. When things are going good, we hope and pray and work at maintaining status quo. At forming a new origin for the curve from where we stand, at reaching better highs.
We all afterall ideally want to go on a straight line towards infinity at a 45% angle from origin, and we work towards it.

Let us hope that at least for this year, which begins in a day or so, the year 2007, all our paths traverse the quest to upper right regions of the first quadrant in not only personal, but also professional spheres. What gauges the metrices is of course, personal choice.