January 1st, 2007

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Perhaps befittingly the first song that played on my computer n 1st Jan 2007 is "wont get fooled again" by The Who.
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So, first Jan. Funny isnt it how nothing seems that different from yesterday except the fact that it was Sunday, and todays a monday, and perhaps that other people tend to precede sentences with "Happy New Year" instead of the customary "Good Morning" etc. Not really, I hate to repeat myself every yr, but

In response to some discussion yesterday, I opened my very first/ second posts. in fact, I read only my second valid post (first oe having been posted twise) and liked the last line "(the) internet somehow makes all this even more conspicuous. the world exagerrated in responses and reduced in size."
Taking it out of that context, I think i can extrapolate on it one of these days.

what do you do when your female colleague. The only female colleague has BO. the bad variety. Sitting besie her on car journeys is pretty bad, being told to inform her by other colleagues is bad too. But when you enter the loo a minute later and you can guess shes been there because of the stench?

OKay! after making some people sad on a 100 yr life-span division, it  is time to leave for the day!!
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