February 16th, 2007

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Good? Morning!

I wonder what it is with me and my morning cuppa nowadays. OK, well twice. The other day, perhaps it was Tuesday, a cup of tea was thrust in my hand by the peon of that department, which I then of course proceeded to sip, while conversing with my colleagues. Soon my attention was more on the conversation than the placement of the bone-china cup whose handle was particularly cylindrical and thin. In effect, the cup gave a twist in my hand, and half a cup of tea was spilt all over my dress front, and left arm. Thankfully not hot enough to cause any burn or burning sensation. but I had to sort of wash/ cleanup my whole kurta front, neck to hemline, in a straight line.

Yesterday while opening the locker in office in which I had stashed my laptop, my left forefinger got caught in the bolt on the inner side of the door flap. A beautiful dark maroon bruise now adorns my finger tip. A personal credit to me - I did not swear in pain, all I did was gasp and say "Shhooooot!" in a hushed voice. not even "Shit". hmm. Interesting.

Today morning I was slightly woozy, having slept rather late and not had time to have my cup of coffee before coming to office. However, during my transport from home to office, the sipper (which I thankfully managed to fill with HOT coffee) tilted and spilt coffee on - yes you guessed right - the front of my dress!
This time the stain is a small one and hopefully would have gone by the time the water with which I washed it evaporates. Alas, the point to note is, this is the first time I wore this kurta.

Hopefully theres nothing in store for tomorrow...
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logic weather and beverages.

There are somethings for which it is better not to think of the logic early in life. For example, I find it cognitively disturbing to say "Good Morning" (unless in office where it is rote and routine) when Im not having one, or the weather out there is positively discgusting.
Similarly, when someone tells someone "nice name" I for one cannot reply "thank you" with ease. and when people do, I have a primal, strong, almost irrestistible urge to say "you did not coin it, your parents did". A bad name just as a good one, just passes on credit to the person who nomenclated you. A tree will be scientifically named and credit is given to the namer. Imagine telling a Banyan - "nice name dude. Ficus Benghalensis describes you like, so well. Great choice man"
Talking of weather and essentially rubbish, Ive got to mention it happens to be geat weather in this part of the world right now. Cottony clouds interspercing the monotony of pastel blue skies in varied depths with entertaining formations of wisps, balls, castles etc make for lovely skylines at both night and morning. And of course, the light dispersion at sunset and (i think) sunrise made by these varying thicknesses are incomparable. The reds, oranges, blues, goldens are picturesque to day it lightly.
An occasional kite or eagle in the sky just adds to the beauty. To top it, the wind is dry, but not brisk, cool but not cold. And the sun is reaching the lithosphere here through invisible untinted sunglasses.

No matter how much you walk, or talk, a heavy lunch effects you the moment you spend 10 mins alone on your desk. Coffee helps. May it keep helping. God bless Coffee. I wouldnt mind a mind-numbing chill glass of beer either though.

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