April 2nd, 2007

Ah! Weekends!

It comes and goes. Every week. Right? Well, sometimes its a little better than others.
I have through my almost-4 yrs of working realised one thing. It shall be called The Weekend Law:

"The worseness of Monday Morning is Directly Proportionate to the GOodness of the Weekend."


"The Better a Weekend, the Worse the Ensuing Monday."

Today is particularly bad, sleepy and tired.

Weekend was spent with M who had come over to experience my frugal living, and with the electrician.
Yup, the elect guy came only by afternoon on saturday, and took 6 Bloody hours to put a few lights in place!! Quite forced M and me to spend time sitting and chatting incosequential stuff, but i guess thats Ok.
Evening we went to a birthday party, which essentially was our ex-company get together. Decent, but nothing great. We were more than happy to leave. Did I mention the lack of electricity just when we started getting up to get dressed? Yup, the phase of just my house area was out for some reason. I could see lights across the road. We got ready in the dark. Thank God and Nokia for torches in their phones (my faithful reliance set).

Night was a longer affair with us chatting till early morn (3.30-4am), only for me to be woken up by the milkman (who insists on ringing the bell till you answer) at 530am. Next was an overflowing water tap at 7 and a Hutch representative who wanted to verify my billing address as early as 9 on a sunday morning, followed by the trash-woman (woman who collects the trash) at 930. Or did she come earlier? Anyway. Finally I got up and around at 930, and then the bathroom cleaner came, and so did the plumber. Both vying for the same spot - the Loo.

Finally at 11 M and I decided to go out for coffee to the nearest Barista, and finally left around 1130. Well, M left that afternoon and since my luggage wasnt arriving, I decide to accept N's offer of helping her with her shopping.
Thankfully she had completed most of it by the time i reached. It was Oh! So Much!

We saw a much Hyped movie after that - Namesake. Nice, but ppl made it out to be better.I guess a lot of types of people can associate with it.

And so finally ended the weekend. Today is a bank hioliday, being the closing of the Financial year, however, since 31st was a holiday because of Mahavir Jayanti, well, too many hols sez HR! And we work today.

Next weekend hmm..it has a Good Friday...good because its Holiday. :) Saturday could be better, by virtue of it being a working day. however, I plan to travel to Pune and it looks interesting. My stuff should arrive by then. Please Pls pls pray it does!

Did I mention that my dinner yesterday was at a revolving restaurant giving a "birdseye unhindered view of Mumbai City"? Well, it certainly gave a nice view of Marine Drive/ Queens Necklace, but the rotation sure did make me uncomfortable, I dont think Ill go again. If I can help it. Sitting on the peripheri with my back to the rotation was darned uncomfortable. I asked to be placed perpendicular to the peripheri then, but it still was giddying. At least for me.
Food was good. My fortune and Ns was more intersting.
I picked the first, and it was 

"Share your knowledge. You have much to offer"
I did teach N to use chopsticks :) Then she picked hers. Turned out to be quit apt for  her time in life.
I picked another
"Do not worry about that you cannot change"
Hmm. I cannot change my present company, so its better I dont worry about it. Right? Right.
Ns second one fitted the sequence for her first one too.

So, pretty interestingly close calls by fortune cookies.