April 7th, 2007


It's a relaxed atmosphere in office. Im wearing jeans, work is there upto the level where I dont get bored and have enough to do.
And it is Saturday. I will be leaving office by afternoon (yeah coming to office is a pain, but at least its half day).

And this week Im en route to Pune. Weekend with M. not bad at all. Just hope my luggage reaches. Quite like Rincewind's Luggage from a Pratchett novel, my luggage seems to have acquired a life of its own, acting surly and hiding from me.
I promise Luggage, I will not ill-treat you. Please come to me to Bombay!

Yesterday I used a washing machine for the first time in my life. Yes, you read it right. First time ever. the one at home is exclusively operated by my Mom, with the exception of her asking me to put on the tap or to put the pipe down for drain... you know. Things you don't think about? Well, yesterday I decided to experiment with my with-the-home acquisition. Was fun. I can sort of understand why my uncle likes to operate the W/M at his residence. The whirring and turning of clothes in the morning, bleary eyes, is kind of therapeutically meditative ;)
Apart from the bit where you have to take out the almost dry clothes and put them on the sunny line, and then take them out of there. Hmm, i might try and make my maid do that over time :)