April 27th, 2007

Yesterday or Movie Review?

So yesterday I finally gave up and decided to spend the day at home. No more struggling through the day with headaches and body-aches, fever and bad mood. It was probably (no make that definitely) the first day of rest since I came here.

The primary highlight of the day was the fact that I stepped out of home only once. Unfortunately it was in the blistering heat of the afternoon, but for around only fifteen minutes. It was to withdraw money to pay the pizza guy. Unfortunately they don’t do home delivery of cash ;)


The other high point in my uneventful, relaxing day was the movie Jackie Brown. Awesome lady. The movie has been lying with me for some time now, but I never actually managed to see past the first 5 minutes of this Tarantino flick. The main reason was, it’s a slow paced movie, and I usually tended to see it with a major Tarantino hangover, inherently comparing it or judging it with Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill.

However, yesterday I rid myself of all this, and saw the movie as-it-is. Passing the 5 minute barrier, I was enchanted with the humorous dialogue between Samuel Jackson and one of his ‘guys’ (Samuel persuades this claustrophobic person to get into a car trunk on the basis of a dinner with chicken, greens and gravy at a restaurant) and let the movie roll on. The humor was scanty, unevenly distributed, and well hidden, but as the movie went on, I found myself more and more engrossed into the complexity of the characters. Trying to guess what they would do next. The music in the background did definitely help (just like in other Tarantino movies). You could see QTs touch here and there, but its best to watch the movie as a slow paced, early-nineties con movie, with not too much cunning, but wonderful depth in the characters. Each of them has enough time on screen to develop and become People. The direction is very different from the usual QT, which was refreshing for me, yet keeping his subtle touch and finesse. The language, of course, is not at all sweet. ;)


That is actually enough to write on a movie, which afterall, may be highly influenced by my relaxed mood. Today its back to the grind, but then, tomorrow is only half day working and day after is Sunday!