May 16th, 2007

Today was the day


So I am going to move to the 11th floor. Leaving my cushy seat and TFT screen, I will be part of the hoi polloi now, with no specific designated seat. I will be ‘temporarily’ seated in-between two people.

Everything at a cost. If sitting between two people is a cost for getting into a better value-add work, so be it.

So I met my new boss, and got a flavor of my new role, now awaiting the jump into the activities. Seems like its gonna be a busy time, but the point is, everything shines frm far. Only when you go close you realize it was not the sparkle of water, but reflection off the hot oasis air.

Yet, hope does glimmer, and we do move forward to a closer look. This time I’m hoping for a couple of palm trees as well.

So in the morning I was feeling rather dull and sleepy, and I decide to go through today’s QC, after reaching office and failing to be revitalized by my almost-curdled milk coffee. Only to see it is not yet up. Finally the new QC was up in the afternoon. Gleefully I try to open it, only to find that the image refused to show after half of the first panel downloaded. I tried Oh-so-many methods, and finally, after numerous efforts I could open and read the comic. I wish it was funnier, for my sake.

My colleagues and I had decided to go out for lunch today. So I had cancelled my dabba. However, one of them forgot to cancel it and another had an impromptu meeting. So instead of the happening place, we went to the nearby mall and had overpriced food – because we dint have much choice. We had not got food.

The best part of the day was my meeting with the boss who does not smile. However, he too knows my ex-boss, and that’s a decent start even though im not aware of whether the knowledge is a positive one or a negative one.

 So I ask the IT department (yesterday) to provide me access to the common folder of that department. They are unable to map the drive, but I get a mail today. With hope I try to open it, only to find it missing. They did not map the drive. So I send them a reply which was:

*many Helpdesk internal mails topped by the following to me* [fonts as they were recvd by me]

Helpdesk (HD) Mail: Please check ….

Me: I cannot see the L: drive on My Computer

Helpdesk mail to HD ppl marking me: Please check why User is complaining the same ????

Associate engineers mail to me: Dear Dips,

Please give us your contact no. or call us at 0821-####### to resolve this problem.

I notice the STD code. Its Mysore. In South India. He wants me to call him in a different state, to solve my minor, simple, basic requirement?

So I send a mail with my number, and get clarified that this large IT company of India is our software vendor and helpdesk, and thus 4 ppl in Mysore are dedicated to work on it. So I go on net meeting with the guy, effectively making my comp slow, and hope he can solve problem in a jiffy. Wrong. It takes him 3 hours, after consulting the rest of his team members, and also while in-between I try to get some work done. I give up on phone conversations and resort to communicating to him through “Notebook”.  This guy is an amazing English writer/speaker. His typing speed is low, which is quite okay, but then he types a grammatically correct sentence, only to hit backspace and make it erroneous.

Collapse )

At least after 3 hours I can open the darned folder!

So I go back to my work, and open the net to get some info. Only to find username/ password is being asked for, and mine is not being accepted.

I do what any Microsoft-fearing person does. I restart.

Only to find the computer is locked, and my password is not working.

I call helpdesk… in the same city, and ask them to unlock my computer. I get a cup of coffee. No one here yet. Finally after another call, they unlock comp and I can access my computer, a good 35 minutes after getting a network drive mapped.


Now all that remains is to board the bus with a new driver and novice conductor, again. [Tell me in case I have not written that awesome incident]

At least the tea was good.

But the day in all was not that bad, I sent out enough mails, recvd a decent enough number of responses, spoke on the phone with some people after ages, went out for lunch, met new boss, got a job role defined (yet again).