May 22nd, 2007

A typical week

A typical week for me has boiled down to the same rut, or routine if you will. The mental state for the week has begun a set pattern, unfortunately interrupted by weekends. Just when you start getting used to work, or to holidays, they have to break. One can understand why some people work weekends. They cannot stand the fluctuation.
So here is the weekly story.

Monday: Extremely tiring. When the days is through you feel the week is through. Like Sunday never existed and you’ve been working for an eternity.

Tuesday: You start off feeling its Saturday only to realize the week is not through, it’s just begun. At work it feels like midweek. You are used to the drill, you work and feel like you’re an eternity away from either Sunday’s

Wednesday: You just stop counting days. It’s of no use. It is just the same as any other working day. You start getting used to the brutality of work.

Thursday: just another working day. You don’t know whether it’s a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. It’s all the same.

Friday: You are pleasantly surprised. Wasn’t it Wednesday yesterday? Weekend is suddenly so close. And so are assignment deadlines!!

Saturday: Relaxed at work, you can’t wait for the afternoon, it being half day. Soon it is through, and you flee office. And wonder what in the world are you expected to achieve in half a day, actually less.

Sunday: Household chores and friends to meet. Before you know it, it’s night. And late.

And then, its Monday once again.