June 18th, 2007


So I changed my theme of the page again. For the better this time I think. Definitely better than the intermediate one I had got for the past weeks.
Please feel free to leave comments ;)

Also added a link to my photos in Flickr. Of course, the public ones :D I started uploading only recently, and the more interesting ones are later in the pages.
Im wondering now where to transfer my yahoo photos to. I liked the folder concept - that you can share a whole folder by email, thereby keeping it private to a select group who need not have yahoo photos account. I like flickr, but it doesnt have that feature. Does shutterfly? or photobucket?

Boss was not in office today. Hes in Cal. Sigh. I wish my client was in Cal. ;) A free trip home never hurt one!

The weekend was spent in Pune, after that disastrous 'Khichdi'. And I think it quite made up for badness, by making the weekend good!

The weather is good now, but also demands rain gear. Sigh. Office makes you buy umbrellas! Last time I owned an umbrella was in school, in college i never carried one. Abad travel by doorstep to doorstep auto service dint make it a requirement. however, the walk to and from the bus stop here means I would need one.

The expressway to Pune is a beautiful sight. Especially now, with the clouds. Took a lot of snaps, which I will soon share. I have now started recognising the mountains on the way by their shapes. One that I privately call the volcano, another like a thumb sticking out. Another like a plain suddenly decided to rise, and was chopped off mid way.
I will log off now, a break from LJ.
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