July 16th, 2007

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The Long and Short of Hair

There are some things in life you cannot go back on. Long hair being one of them. YOu start off pretty much by your parents' choice, and from the moment they decide you have to have long hair, you do. Then comes the time that you have the choice of cutting it short.
Contrary to the possible truth, long hair cannot be grown back once its shorn. For one, it becomes a huge task of patience. By the time you have cut your hair, you are comparatively conscious of the thing known as fashion. In which case, you do endeavour to look 'presentable' at most times. Thus, to have raggedly growing hair (which short hair does tends to be if untended) over a period of year/s (you do not get long hair overnight) is something that can try your patience.
Maintenance is another. Short hair. No matter how much you have to style it, you possibly dont have to spend as much on conditioners and hair clips as longer hair dudettes have to. To grow out your hair, you need to enter that cycle of 'when to wash hair', 'which conditioner to buy' and 'how to style it' a little more important, and a little more tedious to get into. Short hair - wash, dry, style. Which style is not necessary, because you can essentially follow only one. The price you pay for this convinience is a more ritualistic and regular trip to the hairdresser, which at the end of the day/ month is OK.
So, among a few things, short hair is easier to keep, and once you get that, its kind of difficult to get to  have long hair. So, even though its physically possible to have long hair once youve cut it short, its almost a one-way process.

Unless you pamper your patience with hair weaving and stuff.
Watching waiting

Coffee Time Chat

there is not much that a basic office coffee-drinker wants. We do not hanker for brews and blends. All we want is a nice cup of caffiene in a presentably format, which suits our palates.
There is a subtle but remarkable difference between coffee that can be drunk and coffee that cannot be touched.
All we want is a coffee that can be touched, daily, on a monthly, if not yearly basis. I dont know why it is so difficult. I make almost the same brew everyday at home, and still enjoy it. year after year after year.

The things that go into instant coffee the world over remain the same. The coffee maker in the hotel rooms world over are a proof of that. You need water, a little coffee (from an off-the-counter jar), sugar and a little milk ( the last two being preferential). Ingredients for wonderful, rejuvinating, coffee. A cup that can last you for hours.

Seemingly, I am wrong. My tastebuds say so. Over and over again. All over India I have not managed to find palatable coffee except after specific instructions, even at a coffee shop known for coffee.

There is this maniacal urge of north and west Indian coffee makers to add oodles of milk and sugar and enough coffee to render it the colour of wheat husk. I had hoped that South India with its penchant for strong Filter Coffee would fare me better, but unfortunately thats not what I got in Hyderabad, in 5 places out of 6. In the 6th they just provided cold drinks - diet at that (which i personally hate. artificial sweeteners ruin my palate for hours). I got the same milky sugary brew. (The one time I got a decent brew, I was unable to drink it, merci my cold)

The Barista near my house is known for its coffee - though standard, but at least standard, coffee. I was totally disapointed yesterday by the lack of coffee in it. Even the waiter was guilt ridden when I sent back my cup to be fortified with more coffee, and lesser milk. Or water. Or whatever that was.

Coming back to office. Initially here we had the nice system where the pantry boy made a cup for you in the microwave. If he wasnt there, you made it for yourself.
however, apparently the load on the pantryboys increased. So, they isntalled a machine. So bad, that it increased the caffience consumption of the average person. I had two cups of great coffee in the whole day, but with the machine stuff, I needed one every few hours at least. Then the pantry boy designed a complicated but master art of creating a normal coffee out of a wicked combination of the foul extracts emanating from the machine.
unfortunately, I cannot expect the same concoction everytime it seems. The pantry boy dulls, and depending on his mood fouls up on the created art, refusing to perfect it to six sigma levels. No matter how I coax and praise him.
I would be happy to have milk, water, sugar and coffee at my disposal to make my particular manna as I want it, and leave my fellow colleague at peace to make his own. But companies seem to conspire against that.
I wonder, what is so expensive about a simple 5 rupee cupfull that can cause Admin departments to try cut budgets? What is so irking about a cup of coffee revitalising and invigorating workers from doing some quality work versus incoherent shit, that top management agrees to these cuts, while asking for 'a little special' concoction for themselves. What is so out of balance about a cup fully consumed even 3 times a day vs. a full cup of the brew thrown away untouched the same number of times? Hey! Employees are even ready to pay for a decent cuppa!

I wonder how bad can it get if the guest in your meeting asks for a cold drink after trying two varieties of your coffee. Some say the presence of toilet paper shows how well the company is doing (Dilbert). I say you can judge simply by the coffee served to you.

Exactly how I dont yet know, because as far as I can see, its always pathetic.

PS - no Rexzilla, I will not comment on the machine provided by your company. Its plain bribery to make employees stick.