August 7th, 2007

A few thoughts - pretty arbit

Peanuts are pretty expensive and quite tasty. Unless of course, you are talking about money - it may be tasty, but it never is good enough.

Today was the kind of day when the trees look velvety-green, shining in the cloudy heady light from the sky. waving leaves mesmerising you willing you to hold back from the office entrance. The kind of day when because everything is possible, nothing seems do-able.

'Words are very unnecessary' seems to be a favorite within lyrics of songs. Quite like 'love you till death' and 'janam janam ka saath'.

So I did not feel like working. Just one small simple assignment. However, that can take more than a fortnight but can help you develop innumerable social contacts not to mention catch up with all those long lost friends and websites.

Whats worse than a late submitted assignment? Gratitude and thanks from the recipient.