September 20th, 2007

Wolf! Wolf!!

Meandering down from my boss' office, I picked up the phone of a credit card company and was idly chatting up (I sometimes do that if I have the time-makes the poor telecallers day to give me a loan of Rs10). Then I picked up the phone of a frnd, and ordered for a cup of tea from the pantry, heading that way.

Making a U-turn to complete a certain sentence, I idly contemplated the 'Break in case of Fire' red box with glass in between at the staircase junction. As usual, I run my fingers along it, passively contemplating the pressure required to break it, the utility of breaking it, the consequences, the ... oops! It broke. For a milisecond there (it felt like a minute), I waited. Silence. Bittersweet, i turned back to the conversation, when


I had pressed the button! the glass had broken! The silence was jarred! the ALARM was RINGING!!!!

With my heart in my mouth, I rushed to the pantry, to the nearest phone trying to remember the name of the admin woman who (I presumed) would have the alarm system button with her, to tell her its literally, a false alarm.
No one around could tell me her name!

I called #6. Reception....

More on the story later.
Including the allegation on my red nail paint