September 28th, 2007


To the Hutch-Vodafone post of mine. Well, what do you know?
Vodafone is going to reduce call rates.
To those of the present CDMA carrier - Reliance. 80paise per interstate call.

This is the same brand which brought in paid sms-es to the country in 2001. Till then smses were free. Surprisingly, for the sake of the brand name, people were willing to even pay for a free service.
That same brand, oops, company, is now getting its hands dirty in price wars.

Well, as a customer I say out with sentimentality and in with lower costs (in an already cheapest mobile country).

As long as Oligopoly doesnt hit, Im happy. but so much cost competition usually means a soon-to-be-coming Oligopolistic scenario, and then bye-bye 'winning customer'.