October 9th, 2007

Of the Sea and the Wind

One of the redeeming features of Mumbai are the sudden and unchanging views of the sea.
Compared to our short lives, it seems stable and similar, calm and having a mind of its own.
Uncaring about the petty worries of the land people surrounding it, the ocean remains, with a mind and life of its own.
Calm, peaceful, in its own world.

Snippets of conversation always include the weather, if not politics, and more often nowadays celebrity news. Unlike the latter, weather is something almost completely out of our hands. A cloudy say is not something we can vote for online, or otherwise, neither is it something that we can protest for/against. It is a whim of the winds, irrespective of creed, nation, form of life. It has a mind of its own and no amount of cribbing or wishing can modify its present state to one desired. Perhaps that is the reason we talk of the weather. It is so completely out of our hands, that it is neutral.
We may feel possesive about a place where we stay being called too hot or too cold, but well, that is out of our hands, and totally dependant upon perspective of the commenter.

Sure, in both the above cases 'Global warming' and International Summits try to make a difference in centuries' worth of times, but on a day to day basis, they all come to nicht.