October 23rd, 2007

Update on Rowling

So J K Rowling has officially gone mad, or, has had too much se* since her new marriage.

Or, her makeover seems to have effected more than just her face and hair.

First sign which we poor Indians first noticed, of course, was her illogical attempt at suing a Puja Pandal in Calcutta this festive season, instead of feeling happy that she had managed to rise to such esteem. Enough has been said about this, but you can read some humorous posts here and here. Thankfully reason ruled somewhere.

Second sign now, is this Dumbledore being gay business. Who cares? He was Headmaster. That should be enough to a reader of a book. Enough of us have been convent educated and have unmarried uncles and aunts not to think twice about why a certain fictional headmaster did not have a witch by his side. Cant a boy admire a friend, or share ideas of World Dominance with another boy without fantasising about each other?

Since Rowling is so keen to think up the post-evening lives of her characters, whom she obviously wont let RIP in their fictional graves, I thought of something a little more stimulating for her 'heroes' than just being gay!

So heres something I thought up -

Snape, was bise*ual, He liked Lily, but also fell for Dumbledore, who of course reciprocated, being gay. So Snape listened to Dumbledore - afterall he was spurned by Voldemort, who was having an orgy with all the Death Eaters (chief among them was Bellatrix).  When Harry came into the picture and Dumbledore became attached to the boy, Snape was afraid that attentions may shift. So he hated Harry.
(All this is of course, considering the ripe ages of wizards and witches and less meaning of age differences.)

If Rowling can go ahead and create prior lives and political histories for her characters, I, being just a reader am definitely allowed more freedom to create my own pasts for them, arent I? And, to top it, she will probably earn from it. I will not.

Perhaps I should read some fan fiction to get more ideas...or even better, write some to give her more ideas. As it is, the 7th book almost was a fan fiction. And I almost thought the Harry Potter saga had neared the end with book 7.
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