November 22nd, 2007

[LJ2ME (] So

This city always irritated me with its lack of reaction to external and internal events. Nothing supercedes the indomitable fear of not earning for even a single day-even it means death of ppl next to you.
With my eventful trip home i now wonder about the other extreme- an opinion on everything.
When pushed to chose which would i?
Extreme reaction, or none, ever, to anything.
Which would you?
Watching waiting

[LJ2ME (]

Come diwali whole of bombay seems to be transformed into a cheap, shady chinese restaurant. Dark, with red paper lanterns- perhaps a cheap (hence fashionable) excuse for light decorations for the season. The occassional christmas star breaks the monotony and manages to confuse the outsider with regards to the actual month.
A fortnight after the celebration of light and crackers, both still persist- former in the form of octopuses with hundred legs dangling outside every window, doorway and street crossing in small and large avatars with huge bellys and the latter as distant muted blasts and sudden lighting of the skies- a gentle assault of the senses in a systematic subconscious manner.
Join the Masses

[LJ2ME (] Update to coffee reading

Apparently coffee cup dreg reading is an art quite perfected in Istanbul where the thick coffee is popular. A lady known for her clairvoyance in precisely this art was featured on some channel-as witnessed by my aunt and sister on almost the same day i wrote the post.
Who says the world is not large and evolving?!