November 26th, 2007

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Every Management Guru says "Change is Good". So does every Lama, and almost any other prime religion.

So do I.

Especially when it comes to traveling by public transport. Then, 'change' is extremely good...and important.
Watching waiting

The Annual Calcutta Trip of Dips Chaudhury

So I went to Calcutta (or, as the Government would have believe, Kolkata) for my annual vacation (though in my mind, a vacation is at least 3 weeks. Otherwise, it should remain, in my faithful opinion, a long holiday. Sigh, if only my office thought so!)
Actually, I should not be unjust. In a way me period of low work began sometime almost exactly a month ago, when my Mom came to meet me, for her annual trip out. A stay of 10 days punctuated by a trip to the vineyards in Nasik. OK, so it was one vineyard. Nevertheless, wine drinking it was, followed by excessive wine purchasing (bottles of which are residing still in my cupboard).

A few days in the company of mother, in my own small house, followed by a weekend with my brothers and back. Punctuated by less than a week alone here and lots of partying, followed by excessive partying with brothers and a trip to Calcutta. Whoa. Am i tired or what?!
(Or what.)
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